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'''EvoWiki''' is a failed [[wiki]] project that attempted to gain an internet audience by promoting [[evolution]]ary [[pseudoscience]]. As of September 19, 2012, it was an archived website. The website traffic tracking company Compete reported that as of August 20, 2012, EvoWiki had only 771 unique visitors a month.<ref>[ Did an attempt to revive EvoWiki fail? Is Google Panda mauling EvoWiki, Talk.Origins and atheist websites?]</ref><ref>[ Compete - EvoWiki]</ref> [[CreationWiki]] has a list of refutations of many of EvoWiki's claims.<ref>[ CreationWiki's list of responses to EvoWiki's claims]</ref> == Context of EvoWiki's failure and creationist commentary ==
[[Global atheism]] and agnosticism are losing adherents at present while [[global Christianity]] and biblical [[creationism]] are experiencing significant growth. In addition, [[internet atheism]] and internet evolutionism appear to have experienced significant declines in web visitors in recent years.<ref>[ Decline of internet atheism and evolutionism articles]</ref>
== Archived = Creationist commentary on archived status of EvoWiki ===
A supporter of the [[Question evolution! campaign]] quipped concerning EvoWiki's archived status:
*[[TalkOrigins Archive]]
*[[Question Evolution! Campaign]]
*[[Decline of atheism]]
== Humor/satire ==
[ Is the web promotion of EvoWiki being done by baboons]
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