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René Magritte

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[[File:Rene Magritte.jpg|left|100px]]
'''René Magritte''', born in [[Belgium]] in November 1898, was one of the leading lights of the [[surrealism|Surrealist]] [[art]] movement. He died in August 1967.<ref> [ Biography] </ref>
[[Image:Small_MagrittePipe.jpg‎|right|thumb|300px|This is not a pipe.]]
''The Treachery Of Images'' (La trahison des images), a series of paintings, (1928–1929) are probably his most famous [[painting]]s. The picture at right is more commonly known as 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe' or 'This is not a pipe'. The viewer is encouraged to consider the distinction between reality and the representation of reality.
A common figure appearing in many of his paintings is a faceless, non-descript man in a suit wearing a black bowler hat. Frequently this figure would appear multiple times in the same painting--a painting—a metaphor for the normalizing power of modern existence and the doldrums of social constructs such as "the workday."
Magritte was a member of the Communist Party of Belgium.<ref></ref> and an [[Agnosticism|Agnostic]].<ref></ref>
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