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United States of America

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{{main|Supreme Court of the United States}}
The United States [[Supreme Court]] consists of nine justices, nominated by the president and confirmed with the advice and consent of the Senate. Members of the Supreme Court are appointed to serve for life; the The judicial branch extends to also includes the United States Circuit Courts of Appeal, and the United States District Courts, and State and County Courts. The primary role Article III, Section 1, of the nine justices of the Supreme Court is to assure the United States government does not attempt to surrenderU.S. Constitution provides that judges serve "during good Behavior, sell or transfer the people" 's unalienable rights given by [[God]]'i.e.'', until they resign, die, or are impeached. The Supreme Court has 's decision in ''Marbury v. Madison'' established judicial review, whereby the federal courts have the power to consider declare federal and state laws and actions of the constitutionality executive branch of laws passed by Congressthe federal or a state government unconstitutional.
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