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Amateur radio

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The portable and "can-do" nature of Amateur Radio has meant that Amateurs have often been first-responders during or just after major disasters, establishing links using procedures tested during regular "field days" or emergency exercises.
The [[International Space Station]] has an extensive suite of Amateur Radio equipment, as did the Russian MIR spacecraft. Most cosmonauts and astronauts are licensed operators. This is perhaps a result of the "technological tinkering" mindset that these people have.
Frequency bands and modes of operation include:
* High Frequency (short-wave) through to microwave frequencies;* voice (referred to by ham operators as "phone")* CW ([[Morse code]])* facsimile (fax over radio)* television - slow-scan (similar to fax) and fast-scan (as for broadcast TV)* satellites (over 20 operational in orbit)* digital communications (various formats, the most common being PSK31)
==Amateur Radio and Christianity==
Until the widespread advent of [[telephone]] systems and the [[Internet]] in under-developed countries, Amateur Radio was widely used by [[missionary]] groups to communicate with people across the world. The missionaries operated their radios to talk to their home organsations organisations and pass information to family members.
Additionally, they operated their radios to ==Etiquette in the Amateur Radio Fraternity==When amateur radio operators make contact with 'ordinary' Amateurs and give other amateurs they often mail them highly prized "QSL contact cardcards" (that is, postcards) with a country, state, province, or area . In areas where there were very few amateur operators, these can be highly prized. Among Amateur amateur Radio operators in developed countries the missionaries were, and still those from less populated regions are, a very welcome and highly prized group of people, often supported with donations to support their ability to provide the much sought after QSL card, or through having someone manage their QSL card distribution. The usual form of exchange is for the Amateur to send a "green stamp" (a US$1 bill) in exchange for the QSL card. This pays for the mailing of the card, and normally left leaves a little besides as a donation for the missionary.
==Famous Amateur Radio operators and callsigns==
* [[Walter Cronkite]], CBS news anchorman - KB2GSD * Hussein, King of [[Jordan]] - JY1* [[Bhumiphol Adulayadej]], King of [[Thailand]] - HS1A * [[George Pataki]], Governor of [[New York]] - K2ZCZ * [[Barry Goldwater]], Senator (US) (ret) - K7UGA/K3UIG * [[Burl Ives]], singer - KA6HVA* Dr. [[Alex Comfort]], author of "The Joy of Sex" - KA6UXR* [[Donnie Osmond]], entertainer - KA7EVD (lapsed)* [[Marlon Brando]] aka Martin Brandeaux, actor - FO5GJ* [[Chet Atkins]], guitar player - WA4CZD* [[Cliff Richard]] (Harry Webb), singer - W2JOF* [[Joe Walsh]], guitarist for The Eagles - WB6ACU* [[Leon Schlesinger]], creator of Porky Pig
==See Alsoalso==* [[Portable radio]]* [[Amateur radio]]* [[Amateur radio glossary]]* [[Radio communication technologies]]
* '''[[Radio]]http:''' [[Radio waves]], [[Electromagnetic wave]], [[Radio frequency]], [[AM/FM]], [[modulation]], [[amplitude]], [[amplitude modulation]] ([[AM]]), [[frequency modulation]] ([[FM]]), or [[single-sideband modulation]] ([[SSB]]), [[Shortwave]], [[Two/www.amateur-way radio]], [[Portable radio]], [[Walkie-talkie]], [[Citizens band http://www.amateur-radio]], [[Family Radio Service]] ([[FMS]]), [[General Mobile Radio Service]] ([[GMRS]]), [[Multi-Use Radio]] ([[MRS]]), [[Motorola]], [[Marine VHF radio]], [[History of radio]] * '''[[Amateur Radiocommunication technologies]]:''' [[Emergency communications]], [[Amateur radio operator]], [[Call sign]], [[Selecting a radio]], [[Amateur radio glossary]], [[Amateur radio repeater]], [[Base station]], *[[Amateur radio frequency allocations]], [[Amateur bands]], [[Amateur radio station]], [[UHF]] ([[70-centimeter band]]), [[VHF]] ([[2-meter band]]), [[HF]], [[Morse code]], [[Telegraph]], [[Mobile rig]], *[[Radio codes and alphabets]], [[QSL card]] * '''[[Antenna (radio)]]:''' [[Antenna theory]], [[Portable operation (amateur radio)]], [[Dipole antenna]], [[Antenna tuner]], [[Homebrew antennas]], [[Coaxial cable]], [[Balun]], [[Packet radio]], [[Propagation]], [[Protecting your HT AntennaElectromagnetic wave]] * '''Radio Standards Organization:''' [[Radio legalitiesmodulation]], [[Amateur radio license]], [[Federal Communications Commission]] ([[FCC]]), [[American Radio Relay League]], [[International Telecommunication Union]] ([[ITU]]) * [[Satelliteamplitude]]: [[GPS]] and [[Satellite phone]] * '''[[Cellular telephone]]:''' [[Mobile device]]s: [[Smartphone]]s and [[tablet computer|tabletsfrequency modulation]](FM)** [[Apple Computer|Apple]] [[iOS]] for [[iPhone]]-[[iPod]]-[[iPadShortwave]]** [[Android (operating system)|AndroidWalkie-talkie]]** [[BlackBerry OS|BlackberryCitizens band radio]]** [[Microsoft]] [[Windows Phone]] with [[Windows 8Telegraph]]** [[Cell phone health scare]], [[Mobile phones Radio codes and brain tumor riskalphabets]] * [[Bug-out bagFederal Communications Commission]] ([[BOB]]FCC) and *[[Everday carryAmerican Radio Relay League]] ([[EDC]])
==Links: General Organizations==
* [ International Amateur Radio Union (IARU)]* [ American Radio Relay League (ARRL)] - hobby society body for USA, also involved in lobbying and emergency work* [ Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA)] - the first national Amateur Radio society* [ The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation] of North America* [ Quarter Century Wireless Association] Organization of hams who have been licensed for 25+ years* [ Christian Amateur Radio Fellowship]
==Links: Morse Code==
* [ FISTS: International Morse Code Preservation Society]* [ Straight Key Century Club] promotes manually-sent Morse code
==Links: Emergency/Military Communications==
* [ ARES] Amateur Radio Emergency Services (branch of ARRL)* [ RACES] Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (branch of [[FEMA]], activated by the President under [[War Powers Act]])* [ MARS] Military Auxiliary Radio System (branch of US military)* [ Skywarn] (branch of [[NOAA]]/[[NWS]], assists during weather disasters)
==Links: Other==
* [ Famous Amateurs]* [ FCC Part 97] Rules governing amateur radio.* [] Links and information on the hobby. 
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