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'''Meditation''' is a technique for producing an altered state of [[consciousness]]. It usually involves sitting still for a period during which consciousness might be relaxed and focused by means of a word repeated silently in the [[mind]], or by the visualization of an image of some sort. The ''Vipassana'', or [[insight]], meditation practiced by [[Buddhism|Buddhists]] initially stresses observation of what takes place in the mind and body ([[breathing]] and sensations) during meditation.
==Christian Meditation meditation - Contemplation==Meditation in the [[Bible]] goes back to the book of [[Genesis]] and appears periodically throughout. Focus is not on a word, but on a [[thought ]] or [[concept]]. An example of a verse on meditation is found in [[Psalms]] 1:2
<blockquote>But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
and on his law he meditates day and night ([[NIV]] version).</blockquote>
[[Christian]] meditation is a form of silent, contemplative [[prayer]] that uses a [[prayer]]-word, which is rooted in the [[gospel]] and the letters of [[St. Paul]], and originated with the early [[desert]] fathers of the fourth century. It is a daily personal [[discipline]], a practice of stillness and [[simplicity]], not a substitute for all the other forms of prayer, but as a center for them.<ref>[ meditation @]</ref>
==Buddhist Meditation meditation - Contemplation==
Meditation or [[contemplation]] is the fifth of the "Ten Perfections of the [[Altruism|Altruistic]] Attitude" according to [[Buddhist]] practice:
# '''[[Generosity]]''' ([[Charity]]-[[Philanthropy]]- [[Benevolence]]: "Benefit others more than yourself.")
# '''[[Morality]]''' of the Five Precepts - [[Renunciation]] of [[immorality]] and the [[cause and effect|causes]] of [[suffering]] (the causes are always based in [[immorality]] or [[amoral]] behavior).
# '''[[Patience]]''' (implies [[Forgiveness]] and [[Endurance]])
# '''Joyful [[Perseverance]]''' ([[Persistence]], [[Determination]] and Moral [[Fortitude]] or Moral [[Courage]])
# '''[[Meditation]]''' ([[Calm]] Abiding or Making the [[mind]] have deeply [[Kapharelaxation|relaxed]] [[Pitta|focusedfocus]] ed [[Vata|awareness]] for [[contemplation]] of [[morality]]-[[compassion]]-[[wisdom]])
# '''[[Wisdom]]''' ([[Interdependence]], [[Understanding]] [[Cause and effect]], [[Prudence]], [[Humility]] of "No Self")
# '''Skillful Means''' or Expedient Means (Use the "medicine" according to the particular "disease" and "patient")
# '''Great [[Wisdom]]''' ([[Buddha]]hood)
Depending on the [[sect]] of [[Buddhism]], many [[tradition]]s of Buddhist meditation teach the [[discipline]] of [[Kapha|relaxed]] [[Pitta|focused]] [[contemplation]] and [[awareness]] of [[virtue]] through regular daily [[reflection]] on the above Ten Perfections. All forms of Buddhism stress that success in meditation is impossible without first cultivating one's 1. [[Generosity]], 2. [[Morality]], 3. [[Patience]], and 4. Joyful [[Perseverance]] (requires understanding, awareness and development of [[ChiQi]]-[[Prana]]).
==See AlsoFocus in meditation==* [[Stress managementFocus]]* in [[Buddhism|Buddhist]]: meditation means [[Five Preceptsconcentration|concentrating]] the [[Moralitymind]] selectively on a single aspect of one's thoughts or images while [[Vowrenunciation|letting go]]s as of all other things until the Foundation of Meditation* [[Taoism]] mind become "single- pointed" ("[[Qisamadhi]]* ") through [[Hinduismrelaxation|relaxed]] - focused [[Devotionawareness]] Meditation* ("[[Yogashamatha]] - "). According to Buddhism, focus is related to the "[[Pranafire]] element" of the mind and [[Pranayama]] Meditationnervous system.* [[Ayurvedic medicine]]==See also==* [[Martial artYoga]]s such as [[Tai Chi]], [[Kung Fu]] and [[Aikido]] as meditation
* [[Alois P. Swoboda]]
* [[Herbert Benson]]
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