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Schools of atheist thought

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[[File:Richard Dawkins - March 2005.jpg|alt=Richard Dawkins|thumbnail|200px|right|[[Richard Dawkins]] is one of the founders of the [[New Atheism]] movement. ]]Below are some articles related to '''schools of atheist thought''':  *[[atheism|atheistAtheist factions]] *[[Atheist worldview]]*[[Atheism and beliefs]]*[[Atheism and belief]]*[[Atheism and evolution]] == Schools of thought:==
*[[Weak atheism]]
*[[Secular humanism]]
*[[Atheism and postmodernism]]
*[[Buddhism]] (non-theistic Nontheistic Buddhism)
*[[Militant atheism]]
*[[Atheism 3.0Evangelical atheism]]
*[[Brights Movement]]
*[[Existentialism]] (Nontheistic existentialism)
*[[Atheism plus]]
*[[Atheism 3.0]]
*[[LaVeyan Satanism]]
*[[Nones]] (about 15% of Americans who describe themselves as nones on surveys are atheists)<ref>[ Meet the 'Nones:' Spiritual but not religious]</ref>
 '''== Atheism and politics/history:'''==
*[[History of Atheism|History of atheism]]
*[[Secular right]]
*[[Western atheism, schisms and political polarization]]
== See also ==
*[[Atheism is a religion]]
*[[List of atheist and agnostic pseudosciences]]
*[[Atheism and belief]]
*[[Decline of atheism]]
*[[Atheist organizations]]
*[[Global atheism]]
*[[Atheist Population]]
==References=={{reflist|2}} [[Category: Atheism]]