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Essay: Atheism, food science and bland food

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/* Soviet Union and bland food */
Claude Lewis wrote in ''The Philadelphia Inquirer'' about the food is the former [[Soviet Union]] which had militant [[state atheism]]:
{{Cquote|Many people in the Soviet Union have grown tired of institutionalized food in state-run cafeterias found at state-run cafeterias such as Stolovaya No. 22 and Stolovaya No. 23 where the menus seldom change and often lack variety. Most food in the Soviet Union is unimaginative, tasteless and bland.<ref>[ Making A Beef About Soviet Food]</ref>}}
=== Atheistic Nordic countries and bland food ===
Nordic countries have high atheist/[[agnosticism|agnostic]] populations within them (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden).
Iceland is one of the most irreligious countries in the world according to Gallup International.<ref>"[ Iceland Ranks High on World Atheist List]". Iceland Review. Retrieved 2013-10-05.</ref> A Gallup International poll conducted in 2012 reported that 57% of Icelanders considered themselves "a religious person", 31% considered themselves "a non religious person", while 10% defined themselves as "a convinced atheist", which places Iceland in the top 10 atheist populations in the world.<ref>"[ GLOBAL INDEX OF RELIGION AND ATHEISM]" (PDF).</ref>
Nordic food is often depicted as being bland.<ref></ref>
=== Godless Britain and bland food ===