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Election Day (US)

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{{move|Election Day (US)}}'''Election Day''' typically refers to the Tuesday after the first Monday in November in the [[United States]], {{before on after|2018|11|06| which is on November 6 this year.|which is today.|which in 2016 2019 is November 85. }} There are also many other days on which elections are held throughout the year, as in holding "primaries" to determine the nominees of political parties who then compete in the general election in November.  == 2016 Election Cycle == Election Day in 2016 -- when President Trump was elected president -- was on November 8. Other important dates in this that election cycle in 2016 arewere:
:July 18 through 21 — the Republican National Convention, to be held in Cleveland, Ohio
:October 19 — the third Presidential debate, to be located at University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada
The first Tuesday following the first Monday in November was designated as Election Day by Congress in 1845.<ref name=wp>{{cite news|title=On voting: Why Election 'Day' doesn't exist anymore|first=Ann|last=Gerhart|date=November 6, 2012|work=Washington Post|page=A1}}</ref>
Election Day in 2014 is on November 4. Increasingly Americans [[early voting|vote early]], so much so that most may actually vote in the weeks prior to Election Day. In the 2012 general election, more than 30 million people voted before Election Day.<ref name=wp/> Two states, [[Oregon]] and [[Washington]] vote by mail, with Election Day representing the cut-off date for receiving ballots.<ref name=wp/>
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