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Pat McCrory

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On July 29, 2013, McCrory signed pro-life legislation that created stricter standards on abortion clinics and gave medical insurance providers the ability to refuse abortion coverage in their plans.<ref>Pavlich, Katie (July 30, 2013). [ North Carolina Governor Signs New Pro-Life Legislation Into Law]. ''Townhall''. Retrieved December 29, 2016.</ref>
In October 2015, McCrory signed a bill that banned corrupt leftist [[Sanctuary City (Immigration)|sanctuary cities]].<ref>May, Caroline (October 28, 2015). [ North Carolina Gov. Signs Bill Prohibiting Sanctuary Cities]. ''Breitbart''. Retrieved December 29, 2016.</ref>
On March 23, 2016, McCrory signed common sense legislation that overturned local government's adherence to the leftist and unreasonable [[homosexual agenda]] in regards to transgender use of bathrooms.<ref>Barkoukis, Leah (March 24, 2016). [ Sanity Prevails: NC Lawmakers Vote to Stop Laws Allowing Men in Women’s Restrooms]. ''Townhall''. Retrieved December 29, 2016.</ref> Enraged liberals, angry that someone could ever defy the homosexual agenda, went wild in opposition to McCrory, and numerous powerful leftists boycotted the state.<ref name="ChangesBacklash">Barkoukis, Leah (April 13, 2016). [ NC Gov Changes Parts of ‘Bathroom Bill’ After Business Backlash]. ''Townhall''. Retrieved December 29, 2016.</ref> Due to the massive elite leftist pressure, McCrory was forced to sign an executive order that softened the law.<ref name="ChangesBacklash"/>
Despite signing the executive order, McCrory stayed strong and did not compromise at all on the law,<ref>O'Brien, Cortney (August 22, 2016). [ Family Research Council Commends Gov. McCrory For 'Staring Down' the NBA Over Bathroom Bill]. ''Townhall''. Retrieved December 29, 2016.</ref> and after the leftist [[Obama Administration]] threatened him over the law, McCrory sued them.<ref>Thomas, Cal (May 12, 2016). [ North Carolina Fights Back]. ''Townhall''. Retrieved December 29, 2016.</ref>
Despite McCrory's conservative policies, he supported removing the [[confederate flag]] from North Carolina license plates, despite the fact that the flag is an important part of [[The South|Southern]] heritage, and not racism.<ref>May, Caroline (June 23, 2015). [ NC, VA Move To Eliminate Confederate Flags From License Plates]. ''Breitbart''. Retrieved December 29, 2016.</ref>
===2016 defeat===
Due to leftist hysteria over the transgender law, as well as blatant leftist [[media bias]] in the [[mainstream media]], McCrory was defeated by a Democrat challenger in the 2016 election, and he conceded defeat a few weeks later.<ref name="Forbes"/>(p.3)<ref>Berry, Susan, Dr. (December 6, 2016). [ North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory’s Defeat Due to ‘Radical Forces’ and ‘Corporate Extortion, Bullying’]. ''Breitbart''. Retrieved December 29, 2016.</ref>
This [[Liberal deceit|leftist deceit]] was confirmed when the Charlotte city council voted to repeal the law 10-0 after the McCrory's Democrat successor was voted into office, provided the state legislature would repeal their law.<ref>Emma, Caitlin; Hefling, Kimberly (December 19, 2016). [ Incoming governor says North Carolina will repeal LGBT law]. ''Politico''. December 29, 2016.</ref> Fortunately for common sense, the repeal effort in the state legislature failed.<ref>Marlow, Robert J. (December 23, 2016). [ Newly Elected Dem Governor Thwarted, North Carolina Fails to Repeal Bathroom Bill]. ''Breitbart''. Retrieved December 29, 2016.</ref>
After the election, McCrory signed a law that would reduce the power of his leftist successor.<ref>Robillard, Kevin (December 16, 2016). [ North Carolina governor signs laws restricting successor's power]. ''Politico''. Retrieved December 29, 2016.</ref>
==Personal life==
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