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Donald Trump and social media

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Critics and comedians have appeared in YouTube clips discussing Donald Trump that regularly draw millions of views. These include [[Samantha Bee]], [[Stephen Colbert]]. [[Rachel Maddow]], [[Seth Meyers]], [[Trevor Noah]], [[Keith Obermann]], [[John Oliver]] and former Republican Congressman [[Joe Scarborough]].
[[The Young Turks]] video newscasts hosted by Cenk Uygur is a YouTube channel, which as of September 2017 had 3,431,881 subscribers. Most of their videos are very critical of President Trump.
Two videos were retweeted by Donald Trump that drew controversy. One showed him wrestling with a man whose face was blocked by a CNN logo.<ref></ref><ref></ref><ref>{{cite news|url=|title=CNN-Trump wrestling video leads to Twitter claims of blackmail|date=July 5, 2017|accessdate=Sept 6, 2017|work=Indianapolis Star}}</ref> The Reddit user who had created the video apologized and promised to never do anything like that on social media again.