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Segregated college housing

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discomfort as a tool of learning
[[Stanford University]] offers theme and program houses,<ref></ref> including Chicanx/Latinx Focus, Native American Focus, Asian American Focus and Black Culture Focus.<ref> Retrieved Sept. 7, 2017</ref> Stanford's Ujamaa (Black Culture Focus) house official description includes:
<blockquote> People from all backgrounds, experiences, and interests make Ujamaa their home. While a great deal of the educational programming that occurs in the dorm centers around issues impacting Black Culture and Black communities, the dorm is in no way centered exclusively on the experience of black students.<ref> Retrieved Sept.7, 2017.</ref></blockquote>
According to a Stanford press release, "Ujamaa residents view their house as a place that fosters discomfort as a tool of learning."<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=The Ujamaa 40+ Anniversary|date=May 11 2017|accessdate=Sept. 11, 2017|work=Stanford University}}</ref>
To be eligible to live in Stanford's Asian American Focus, a student must "Demonstrate knowledge or experience related to the theme that they can share with residents."<ref> Retrieved Sept. 7, 2017.</ref> So a non-Asian-American student has to demonstrate knowledge of Asian American culture that is equal to or superior to that of the actual experience of an Asian-American student if they wish to be selected to live there.