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In 1841, two years after his first visit to stake a claim to the land on which Dallas now stands, John Neely Bryan, a Tennessee trader, returned to the then [[Republic of Texas]] and built a tiny one-room cabin, the first in Dallas. Ir It remains one of the few historical landmarks preserved in the city,<ref>Architect James Pratt, however has suggested that the current cabin is actually a 1930s reproduction. See [ report]</ref> and has been moved to the front of the Dallas County Courthouse. Bryan, quick to see the advantages of the National Highway then being built toward his land, founded a village. In 1844 the village was laid out in lots 200 feet square. The origin of the name is unclear but Dallas County in 1846 was named after George Mifflin Dallas, the current vice-president of the United States.
Dallas was incorporated as a town in 1856 and became an important regional trading center. In 1856 several hundred Europeans, followers of the French social philosopher [[Charles Fourier]], attempted to set up a socialistic colony called "''[[La RĂ©union" ]]'' across the river from Dallas. The colony failed in 1858, and many of the colonists moved to Dallas, bringing with them a cosmopolitanism then lacking in most of the state.
The town, almost completely destroyed by fire in July 1860, was rebuilt during the 1860s. Phillips (1999) explores the economic, political, ethnic, and regional tensions that caused an outbreak of mass white hysteria in response to an alleged slave rebellion that was held responsible for the great fire. Three slaves were hanged, and two Iowa preachers were whipped and run out of town, hounded by frantic locals led by editor Charles R. Pryor of the ''Dallas Herald''.
==Dallas Sports Franchises ==
*[[Dallas Cowboys]] ([[NFL]] [[Football]]) (plays in nearby [[Arlington, Texas]])*[[Texas Rangers]] ([[Major League Baseball|MLB]] [[Baseball]]) (also plays in Arlington)
*[[Dallas Mavericks]] ([[NBA]] [[Basketball]])
*[[Dallas Stars]] ([[NHL]] [[Hockey]])
*[[FC Dallas]] ([[Major League Soccer|MLS]] [[Soccer]]) (plays in Frisco)
===Guides and popular history===
* Acheson, Sam Hanna. ''Dallas Yesterday,'' (1977)
* Buckner, Sharry. ''City Smart: Dallas/Ft. Worth'' (2000) [http excerpt and text search]* Calvin, Peter A. ''Dallas, Texas: A Photographic Portrait'' (2007) [http excerpt and text search]* Fitzgerald, Ken. ''Dallas Then and Now'' (2001), 144pp; [http excerpt and text search]
* Hazel, Michael V. ''Dallas: A History of "Big D."'' (1997). 73 pp.
* McDonald, . William L. ''Dallas Rediscovered: A Photographic Chronicle of Urban Expansion, 1870-1925'' (1978).
* [[History of Texas]]
* [[Texas]]
* [[Jobe Martin]]
* [[Fred Meyer]]
* [[Lupe Valdez]]
* [[George W. Truett]]
==Online resources==
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