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[[Image:Bride and groom signing the book.jpg|right|275px]]
'''Marriage''' is the divinely ordained [[covenant]]<ref>Marriage between the sexes is a covenant, not a [[contract]]. Since time immemorial, some men disposed of a wife (woman) after her childbearing years to pursue a younger female consort. God, being a defender of women, ordained marriage by his perfect will to protect women's rights and not allow a man (male) to abandon them to homelessness and poverty with no marketable job skills other than homemaking or child rearing. This , however, is not the only reason the covenant of marriage evolved between the sexes.</ref> between one man and one woman, and is intended to be for life. (Genesis 2:24)<ref>See also [[Perfect will of God]] vs [[Permissive will of God]].</ref> This is recognized by the majority of churches.<ref>[ Article 7, "The sacrament of matrimony"]</ref><ref>[ "Basic Beliefs," Southern Baptist Convention]</ref><ref>[ "Marriage"]</ref><ref>[ [[Albert Barnes]], Matthew 19]</ref><ref>[ [[Matthew Henry]], Matthew 19]</ref>
The unity between a man and a woman in marriage is an expression of the spiritual relationship that God desires His creation to realize with Him. The first marriage occurred nearly 6,000 years ago in the [[Garden of Eden]], in the area of the world that we now know as the Middle East. The first couple was Adam and Eve, and the Lord Jesus specified that it was male and female that God joined together in marriage for life. (Matthew 19:4-6) See also: [[Christian marriage]]
Marriage has been practised practiced as such in most cultures across geography and time.<ref>"Because there is a natural complementarity between men and women - sexual, emotional, temperamental, spiritual - marriage allows for a wholeness and a completeness that cannot be won in any other way. ([[Bill Bennett]], ''The Broken Hearth'', Page 197)</ref>
Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and typically this involves a public ceremony (a [[wedding]]) in which vows are exchanged by the parties and before God. Approximately half of all traditional marriages in America end in [[divorce]],<ref>Divorce is within the permissive will of God, Deut. 22:13; divorce however, is due to sin entering the world, which God is willing to redeem. God himself in fact is divorced from Israel ([ Jer. 3:8-14]; see also [ Is. 54:5]), or for that matter, all unredeemed sinners.</ref> many due to [[Facebook]] and other [[liberal]] activities.
[[Dinesh D'Souza]] wrote:
:Marriage requires a) two people who are b) of legal age and c) not closely related to each other who are d) one male and one female. Note that this definition excludes people who want to marry children, or guys who want to marry their sisters, or Muslims who want to take four wives, or that strange guy who wants to marry his dog.<ref>[http Gay Rights vs. Democracy]</ref>
[[Bill Bennett]] wrote:
==Biblical marriage advice==
1 Corinthians 7:1-16:
{{cquote|Now concerning the things whereof ye about which you wrote unto me: It , it is good for a man not to touch a woman. Nevertheless, to avoid fornicationBut because of immoralities, let every each man is to have his own wife, and let every each woman is to have her own husband.Let the The husband render unto the must fulfill his duty to his wife due benevolence: , and likewise also the wife unto the to her husband.The wife hath does not power of have authority over her own body, but the husband: does; and likewise also the husband hath does not power of have authority over his own body, but the wifedoes. Defraud ye not Stop depriving one the otheranother, except it be with consent by agreement for a time, so that ye you may give devote yourselves to fasting and prayer; , and come together again, so that Satan will not tempt you not for because of your incontinencylack of self-control. But I speak this I say by permissionway of concession, and not of commandmentcommand.For Yet I would wish that all men were even as I myself. But every am However, each man hath has his proper own gift of from God, one after in this manner, and another after in that.But I say therefore to the unmarried and to widows, that it is good for them if they abide remain even as I.But if they cannot containdo not have self-control, let them marry: ; for it is better to marry than to burnwith passion. And unto But to the married I commandgive instructions, yet not I, but the Lord, Let not that the wife depart from should not leave her husband: But and (but if she departdoes leave, let her she must remain unmarried , or else be reconciled to her husband: ), and let not that the husband put away should not divorce his wife. But to the rest speak Isay, not the Lord: If , that if any brother hath has a wife that believeth notwho is an unbeliever, and she be pleased consents to dwell live with him, let him he must not put divorce her away. And the a woman which hath who has an unbelieving husband that believeth not, and if he be pleased consents to dwell live with her, let she must not send her not leave himhusband away. For the unbelieving husband is sanctified by the through his wife, and the unbelieving wife is sanctified by the through her believing husband: else were ; for otherwise your children are unclean; , but now they are they holy. But Yet if the unbelieving departone leaves, let him depart. A leave; the brother or a the sister is not under bondage in such cases: , but God hath has called us to peace. For what knowest thouhow do you know, O wife, whether thou shalt you will save thy your husband? or Or how knowest thoudo you know, O manhusband, whether thou shalt you will save thy your wife?}}
==Modern marriage licenses==
==Modern history of marriage law==
*1724 - blacks, with permission of their slave owner, given the right to marry (formerly, under [[British]] law, only whites could legally marry)*1769 - women no longer considered property of their husbands*1899 - polygamy outlawed in the US*1967 - interracial marriage legalized in all states*1981 - rise of community property laws as men no longer seen as the sole owner of all marital assets*2015 - same-sex "marriage " legalized
==Attacks on the institution of marriage==
A recent ''Newsweek'' article complained that [[Biblical figures]] have not provided good historical examples of marriage, noting that [[Abraham]] begat [[Ishmael]] by a maidservant and [[Jacob]] had [[polygamy|two wives]] and had sons with both of their [[concubine|servants]]. The article also criticizes [[Jesus]] and [[St. Paul]] for remaining single.<ref></ref>
== Atheism and marriage ==
[[File:Vox Day.jpg|thumbnail|right|180px|[[Vox Day|Theodore Beale]] declared that according to the 2001 American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) "more than half of all atheists and [[agnosticism|agnostics]] don’t get married."<ref></ref>]]
''See also:'' [[Atheism and marriage]] and [[Atheist marriages]] and [[Atheism and divorce]]
Christian apologist Michael Caputo wrote:
{{cquote|Recently the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life has published its mammoth study on Religion in America based on 35,000 interviews... According to the Pew Forum a whopping 37% of atheists never marry as opposed to 19% of the American population, 17% of Protestants and 17% of Catholics.<ref></ref>}}
[[Vox Day|Theodore Beale]] declared that according to the 2001 [[American Religious Identification Survey]] (ARIS) "more than half of all atheists and [[agnosticism|agnostics]] don’t get married."<ref></ref>
The fertility rate is significantly lower in the atheist population (see: [[Atheism and fertility rates]]).
Furthermore, the [[Christian apologetics|Christian apologist]] Ken Ammi wrote in his atheism article at [[Creation Ministries International]]:
{{cquote|“According to Barna, ‘Forty-two percent of adults who associate with a faith other than Christianity had co-habited, while atheists were the most likely to do so (51%).
“It is critical to stress that it is a well known fact that cohabiters experience a very high number of ‘breakups’ before getting married. ‘Millions of people … believe that cohabitation is a prelude to marriage. And for many, it is. However, Smock reports that 45% of cohabitations break up with no marriage. Another 10% continue cohabiting.’
“Barna did not include this enlightening fact in his research. Thus, if 21% of atheists divorce after marriage, and 45 % break up once or more before marriage, what we have is the astounding rate of about 66% of atheist couples experiencing ‘at least’ one break up. If, however, the number is 37%, then we have a shocking figure of 82% …
“What needs mentioning is the fact that many atheists do not cohabit as a prelude to marriage. They in fact see cohabitation as ‘equivalent’ to any marriage relationship … These break ups were not included in the Barna research …
“The appellation ‘Christian’ a Christian does not make. There are great numbers of people in this world who call themselves ‘Christians’ but have never internalized the teachings of Jesus Christ." …
<ref>[ Atheism = Mario Grinbank - Creation Ministries International]</ref>}}
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