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This is a detailed and interesting article on the Iftar dinner Trump hosted, so I'm putting it here for future reference, though it's heavily biased against him, so it shouldn't be added to the article: [] --[[User:1990'sguy|1990'sguy]] ([[User talk:1990'sguy|talk]]) 22:05, 10 June 2018 (EDT)
== Space force ==
Trump reportedly directed the Pentagon to begin the process of creating a space force: [][][][][][] This might be something to add, but I don't see any signs, besides a statement from a WH press secretary, that this was an official action, and it might be too early to add. --[[User:1990'sguy|1990'sguy]] ([[User talk:1990'sguy|talk]]) 17:29, 18 June 2018 (EDT)
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