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/* Nuclear arsenal upgrades */
:According to this article, the Obama Administration was responsible for some modernization efforts: [] --[[User:1990'sguy|1990'sguy]] ([[User talk:1990'sguy|talk]]) 17:02, 22 April 2018 (EDT)
::The Pentagon is planning on making changes to the nuclear communications system: [] --[[User:1990'sguy|1990'sguy]] ([[User talk:1990'sguy|talk]]) 21:37, 21 July 2018 (EDT)
:::Here's a concerning development: the defense bill going through Congress would (at least in the Senate-approved version) would make the National Nuclear Security Administration an independent agency not under any other authority (it's currently under the Energy Department): [] "Senior members" of both parties oppose it, along with the Trump Administration, but for some reason, it's very hard for them to actually remove it. --[[User:1990'sguy|1990'sguy]] ([[User talk:1990'sguy|talk]]) 09:03, 23 July 2018 (EDT)
== Antifa --> terrorist organization ==
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