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James A. Baker (DOJ)

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'''James A. Baker''' was an General Counsel to FBI Director [[United States|AmericanJames Comey]] government official at during the [[United States Department of Justice|Department of JusticeTrump-Russia Collusion Hoax]] who served as General Counsel for the and [[Federal Bureau of Investigation]] (FBI) under Director [[James ComeyClinton email scandal|Hillary Clinton email whitewash investigation]].<ref name="pressrel">{{cite web|url=|title=FBI — James A. Baker Appointed as FBI’s General Counsel|work=FBI}}</ref> In December, 2017 he was reassigned to a different position within the FBI.<ref>"WaPoDec17"</ref> Baker left the FBI in early April 2018,<ref> </ref> after Congressional leaders called for prosecution of [[Obama administration]] officials' criminal conduct during and after the 2016 election.<ref> </ref>
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