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/* Excerpt 3 of 4; Plato Laws Book 3, pp. 699-702 */ typo
[699]. MEGILLUS: Your words, Athenian, are quite true, and worthy of yourself and of your country.
ATHENIAN: They are true, Megillus; and to you, who have inherited the virtues of your ancestors, I may properly speak of the actions of that day. And I would wish you and Cleinias to consider whether my words have not also a bearing on legislation; for I am not discoursing only for the pleasure of talking, but for the argument's sake. Please to remark that the experience both of ourselves and the Persians was, in a certain sense, the same; for as they led their people into utter servitude, so we too led ours into all freedom. And now, how shall we proceed? for I would like you to observe that our previous arguments have a good deal to say for themselves.
[700]. MEGILLUS: True; but I wish that you would give us a fuller explanation.
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