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/* Pentagon upgrades */
:::More on the recruitment shortage: [ 1],[ 2] --[[User:1990'sguy|1990'sguy]] ([[User talk:1990'sguy|talk]]) 23:41, 8 October 2018 (EDT)
::::The Army is reportedly developing a new fitness test because of complaints of low troop readiness: [] --[[User:1990'sguy|1990'sguy]] ([[User talk:1990'sguy|talk]]) 08:49, 7 February 2019 (EST)
:::::Some F-35 upgrades: [] --[[User:1990'sguy|1990'sguy]] ([[User talk:1990'sguy|talk]]) 08:54, 25 February 2019 (EST)
Obviously not an upgrade, but the Army was unable to meet its recruiting goal for the first time in over a decade: [] --[[User:1990'sguy|1990'sguy]] ([[User talk:1990'sguy|talk]]) 16:59, 21 September 2018 (EDT)
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