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Atheism and Alzheimer's disease

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/* Regular prayer/meditation and larger frontal lobes */
[[Atheism and the brain#Religious individuals and thicker cerebral cortices|Religious individuals and thicker cerebral cortices]]
[[File:Cerebrum lobes.svg.png|thumbnail|300px|Graphic of cerebral lobes. Light brown section of the graphic depicts the area of the frontal lobe. (Click on graphic to enlarge)]]
The [[cerebral cortex]] is the outermost layer of the vertebrate brain.
According to ''Scientific American'':
{{cquote|Several studies have revealed that people who practice meditation or have prayed for many years exhibit increased activity and have more brain tissue in their [[frontal lobe]]s, regions associated with attention and reward, as compared with people who do not meditate or pray.<ref>[ Ask the Brains, Scientific American, Dec 23, 2011]</ref>}}