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Atheism and Alzheimer's disease

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/* Atheism, obese populations and Alzheimer's disease */
*[ Weight loss strategies for success] - Mayo Clinic
</ref> See also: [[Bariatric science]] ]]
''See also:'' [[Atheism and obesity]] and [[Atheism, obese populations and Alzheimers' disease]]
Obesity/diet are linked to the development of Alzheimer's disease.<ref>[ Obesity + aging linked to Alzheimer's markers in the brain], ''Science Daily'', June 28, 2018</ref><ref>[ Obesity as a risk factor for Alzheimer's disease: weighing the evidence.] by Alford S, Patel D, Perakakis N, Mantzoros CS., ''Obesity Reviews''. 2018 Feb;19(2):269-280. doi: 10.1111/obr.12629. Epub 2017 Oct 10.</ref>