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Atheism and Alzheimer's disease

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/* Irreligion, sedentary behavior and Alzheimer's disease */
A Netherland study of 120,000 men/women found that men who average 90 minutes exercising a day, had nearly a 40 percent higher chance of living to 90 than those who spent 30 minutes or less on exercise a day. In addition, every additional 30 minutes spent exercising a day increased the men’s chances of living to 90 by five percent.<ref>[ Height and Weight May Determine How Long You Can Live—Especially If You're a Woman]</ref> Religion/spirituality is positively correlated to greater longevity (see: [[Atheism and life expectancy]]).
=== Irreligion/nonreligious regions of the world and sedentary lifestyles ===
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*[[Atheism and sedentary lifestyles#East Asian atheists and sedentary lifestyles|East Asian atheists and sedentary lifestyles]]
== Atheism, alcoholism, and Alzheimer's disease ==