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Oleg Deripaska

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[[File:Download-2.jpg|right|350px|thumb|Vladimir Putin with Oleg Deripaska. Democrats colluded with Deripaska to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election.]]
'''Oleg V. Deripaska''' is, according to the ''[[New York Times]]'', "a [[Russia]]n [[oligarch]] with close ties to the [[Kremlin]], has faced credible accusations of [[extortion]], [[bribery]] and even [[murder]]."<ref></ref> Deripaska has worked closely had close working relationships with [[Robert Mueller]], [[Andrew McCabe]], the [[2016 Hillary Clinton campaign|Hillary Clinton campaign]], [[Christopher Steele]], and [[DemocraticDemocrat]] Sen. [[Mark Warner]].
Deripaska was famously appeared in a viral video in which Vladimir Putin scolded Russian oligarchs for incompetence, corruption and greed, asked Deripaska to sign an important source agreement to re-open a factory for the benefit of the workers then, when Deripaska tried to abscond with Putin's pen, asked Deripaska give it back.<ref></ref>  Deripaska was the source of the [[DemocratDemocratic party]]'s famous infamous "pee pee memo," alleging that a video existed of Trump watched watching prostitutes [[urine|urinate]] on a bed the Obama's once slept in in a Moscow hotel in 2013which the Russians were using to blackmail Trump, so-called ''kompromat''. Career government officials appointed a [[Mueller office|Special CounselRod Rosenstein]] appointed Robert Mueller to investigate the validity of the claim. Deripaska was motivated by a vendetta against [[Paul Manafort]], who whom he alleged stole money in a business deal, and wanted to curry favor with Obama Justice Department officials so he could get his Visa restrictions lifted.
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