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Free speech

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*Duke, Selwyn (July 7, 2018). [ The Democrats’ Dropping Mask: Now They Aim to End Free Speech]. ''The New American''. Retrieved July 7, 2018.
*Marcus, Lloyd (May 25, 2018). [ Slowly, patiently, the left is killing freedom of speech in the USA]. ''LifeSiteNews'' (from the ''American Thinker''). Retrieved August 5, 2018.
*Rogan, Tom (November 16, 2018). [ Steve Bannon, Oxford University, and the intellectual fallacy of the Left's no-platform agenda]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved November 27, 2018.*Williams, Walter E. (July 11, 2019). [ Our Free Speech Crisis]. ''The New American''. Retrieved July 12, 2019.</ref> as they demand [[liberal censorship]] of views they do not like, especially [[Christian]], [[patriot]], [[conservative]], or [[libertarian]] ones. Such views are often demonized in the [[liberal media]] with its [[media bias]]. Ironically, however, Leftists used free speech to orchestrate the French Revolution by publishing damaging lies against King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette,<ref>''Demonic'' by Ann Coulter</ref> as well as lies against Christianity,<ref></ref> as well as ensure the promotion and domination of destructive ideologies such as [[Communism]] and [[Socialism]] during the Free Speech Movement of 1964, along with promoting leftist ideology in general through free speech.<ref name="Flip-flopped"/> Generally, the Left only favors free speech when it is convenient for them, but they are quick to demand that anyone who simply disagrees with their views and opinions be stripped of the right to free speech and, in violation of the [[First Amendment]] (or similar laws guaranteeing free speech in other countries, such as Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms), illegally try to do so through corrupt liberal public officials and leftist activists with the use of deceit (including false claims of "[[hate speech]]"<ref>[ Sorry, College Kids, There’s No Such Thing As Hate Speech] at the Federalist</ref><ref name="Bill Whatcott">[ Pro-family activist in Canada under bizarre nationwide arrest warrant -- for passing out ‘anti-LGBT’ flyers] at [[MassResistance]]</ref>), threats, intimidation and criminal tactics.<ref name="Whatcott false charge">[ Outrageous: Canadian activist Bill Whatcott endured abuse in jail because of his pro-family stand] at MassResistance</ref><ref>[ Bloggers’ Free Speech Rights Under Attack] at</ref><ref>[ The Left's Crusade Against Free Speech] at Real Clear Politics</ref><ref>[ LGBT Activists Arm For Further War On Free Speech] at the Federalist</ref><ref name="free speech">[ Dear attorneys general, conspiring against free speech is a crime: Glenn Reynolds] at USA Today</ref> In fact, federal law makes it illegal for anyone to conspire to suppress free speech or any other freedoms enjoyed by the public under the Constitution or federal law,<ref name="free speech"/> although leftists in the public sphere have gone out of their way to ignore such laws as not being convenient to their goals.
Free speech is threatened by "hate speech" codes favored by the Left which define certain types of statements as "[[hate crime]]s" (as defined by liberal politicians). While supposedly protecting vulnerable groups (such as "questioning gay teens") from verbal abuse, rules and laws provide no clear distinction between "hurtful" speech and simply expressing one's opinion. Religious people, accordingly, worry that "hate crimes" legislation in America will be used to stop preachers and others from saying out loud or in print that homosexuality is evil, dangerous and basically anti-life.
*In February 2019, a mother was arrested in front of her children simply for calling a man – [[gender confusion|who claimed he was a woman]] – a man.<ref>Duke, Selwyn (February 12, 2019). [ Mother Arrested for Calling a Man a Man (Because He Claims Womanhood)]. ''The New American''. Retrieved February 13, 2019.</ref>
*In April 2019, National Police Chiefs' Council leader Martin Hewitt warned pro-Brexit politicians to watch their language because it would "inflame people's views."<ref>Lane, Oliver JJ (April 4, 2019). [ Speech Police: Top Cop Warns Pro-Brexit Politicians Not to ‘Inflame People’s Views’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 4, 2019.</ref>
*A new definition of "Islamophobia" adopted by the "All-Party Parliamentary Group on British Muslims" threatened the freedom to express criticism of Islam or its practices.<ref>Montgomery, Jack (June 21, 2019). [ Former Equality Chief: Islamophobia Definition a ‘Bullies’ Charter’ for Censorious Muslims]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 21, 2019.</ref>
*Byas, Steve (February 21, 2017). [ France Criminalizes Pro-life Speech]. ''The New American''. Retrieved February 11, 2018.
*Camp, Frank (February 19, 2017). [ France Passes Speech Law That Could Cripple the Pro-Life Movement]. ''The Daily Wire''. Retrieved February 11, 2018.</ref> As of March 2017, the bill was being reviewed by France's Constitutional Council.<ref>Hurd, Dale (March 11, 2017). [ Strangling the Pro-Life Movement: What in the World Is Going on in France?]. ''CBN News''. Retrieved February 11, 2018.</ref> Regardless, this law would effectively criminalize the freedom of speech (at least on the internet) of those who support the true human right to life for unborn human beings,<ref name="ProLifeBan"/> and it illustrates the opposition to equal rights in the country.<ref>Morrison, Robert (April 4, 2017). [ France Reneges On Equal Rights For All By Banning Pro-Life Websites]. ''The Federalist''. Retrieved February 11, 2018.</ref>
*Marine Le Pen, [[right-wing populist]] French political figure, was likely to face prison time simply for sharing an image of ISIS on Twitter.<ref>Multiple references:*Onyanga-Omara, Jane (March 2, 2018). [ French far-right leader Marine Le Pen could face prison for tweeting ISIS images]. ''USA Today''. Retrieved March 22, 2018.*Duke, Selwyn (June 13, 2019). [ Le Pen: Show the Truth About ISIS — Get Charged With Hate Speech]. ''The New American''. Retrieved June 13, 2019.</ref>
*In 2018, conservative French politician Nicholas Dupont-Aignan was given a fine of 5,000 euros for speaking about a "migrant invasion" a year prior.<ref>Tomlinson, Chris (April 6, 2018). [ French Conservative Given Suspended 5,000 Euro Fine for Mentioning ‘Migrant Invasion’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 6, 2018.</ref>
*In November 2017, liberal French President [[Emmanuel Macron]] proposed making "gender-based insults" illegal in France, a [[politically correct]] move that would lead to the further reduction of [[free speech]] rights in the country.<ref>Thomsen, Jacqueline (November 27, 2017). [ Macron to introduce fines for 'gender-based insults' in France]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved November 27, 2017.</ref> In an April 2018 speech in front of the U.S. Congress, Macron called for media [[censorship]] in order to combat what he called "[[fake news]]."<ref name="Turley2018">Turley, Jonathan (April 26, 2018). [ Embracing Macron's war against 'fake news' could kill free speech]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved April 26, 2018.</ref>
*In July 2019, France's parliament approved a law to force social media companies to remove posts considered "hate speech" by the French government.<ref>Multiple references:
*[ Macron’s France to Force Social Media and Search Engines to Censor ‘Hate Speech’]. ''Breitbart News'' (from the ''Associated Press''). July 5, 2019. Retrieved July 5, 2019.
*[ France moves to make companies block hate speech online]. ''Associated Press''. July 4, 2019. Retrieved July 5, 2019.
See also:
*Turley, Jonathan (July 6, 2019). [ France has turned into one of the worldwide threats to free speech]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved July 6, 2019.</ref>
*Evans, Patrick (September 18, 2017). [ Will Germany's new law kill free speech online?] ''BBC News''. Retrieved April 11, 2018.
*[ German hate speech law tested as Twitter blocks satire account]. ''Reuters''. January 3, 2018. Retrieved April 11, 2018.</ref> The German police have raided the homes of people accused of making comments on the internet that the German government deemed "hateful."<ref>Yasmeh, Joshua (June 21, 2017). [ Thought Crime: German Police Raid Homes Of People Who Made ‘Hateful Postings’ On The Internet]. ''The Daily Wire''. Retrieved April 11, 2018.</ref>
*CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer called for enacting laws prohibiting people from expressing certain points of view on the internet prior to elections.<ref>Escritt, Thomas; Carrel, Paul (May 28, 2019). [ Merkel heir faces widespread criticism after proposal to regulate online opinion]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved May 28, 2019.</ref>
*A German member of parliament – and a member of one of the country's governing parties – called for denying the rights of free speech and assembly to right-wing conservatives, who he labeled "extremists."<ref>Tomlinson, Chris (June 22, 2019). [ Top Merkel Party MP: Strip Right-wing ‘Extremists’ of Free Speech, Free Assembly]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved June 22, 2019.</ref>
;New Zealand
*The New Zealand government, along with social media websites, ISPs, and the media, made it illegal to possess content related to [[New Zealand mosque shooting|a deadly terrorist attack in 2019]].<ref>Shaw, C. Mitchell (March 21, 2019). [ New Zealand Plays Into Terrorist’s Hands; Embraces Censorship in Wake of Deadly Attacks]. ''The New American''. Retrieved March 22, 2019.</ref><ref>[ NZ Debates Free Speech Limits, Long Prison Terms for Downloading Christchurch Manifesto]. ''Breitbart News'' (from the ''Associated Press''). March 24, 2019. Retrieved March 24, 2019.</ref>
*The Brazilian Supreme Court banned "homophobia" – criminalizing the very opposition to homosexuality as expressed in words or nonviolent actions rather than simply violent actions.<ref>[ Brazil Supreme Court rules homophobia a crime]. ''Reuters''. June 13, 2019. Retrieved June 13, 2019.</ref>
;United Nations
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