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Opposition to Donald Trump

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/* From the federal government bureaucracy */
===From the federal government bureaucracy===
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Due to his promotion and support of conservative, [[America First]]<ref>Spiering, Charlie (April 4, 2017). [ Donald Trump to American Workers: ‘I’m Not, and I Don’t Want to Be, the President of the World’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 5, 2017.<br>See also:
*Spiering, Charlie (October 17, 2017). [ Donald Trump: Foreign Countries Like Greece ‘Nervous’ About ‘America First’ Agenda]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved October 18, 2017.</ref> policies, President Trump faced large opposition from the left and the [[establishment]],<ref>Multiple references:
*Klein, Aaron (April 28, 2017). [ Trump’s First 100 Days: Establishment Goes to War to Halt President’s Agenda]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 28, 2017.
*Hilton, Steve (January 21, 2019). [ Steve Hilton: Trump is daring to clean up the establishment's biggest messes – and they hate him for it]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved January 21, 2019.
Specifically from retired military generals:
*Wolfgang, Ben (January 6, 2019). [ Trump on unprecedented collision course with retired military commanders: 'It's not normal']. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved January 7, 2019.See also:*Rogers, Norman (May 24, 2019). [ Donald Trump makes America’s Democrat ruling class panic. Here’s why]. ''LifeSiteNews'' (from the ''American Thinker''). Retrieved May 25, 2019.</ref> including from within the government bureaucracy.<ref>Multiple references:
*Singman, Brooke (January 31, 2017). [ Trump faces bureaucratic battle in implementing agenda]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved February 1, 2017.
*Kurtz, Howard (February 3, 2017). [ The empire strikes back: Why Trump's private talks with foreign leaders were leaked]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved February 3, 2017.
*Gertz, Bill (April 18, 2019). [ U.S. Intelligence Institutionally Politicized Toward Democrats]. ''The Washington Free Beacon''. Retrieved April 20, 2019.
*Church, Nate (April 19, 2019). [ Former CIA Analyst: U.S. Intelligence May Be ‘Biased’ Toward Democrats]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 20, 2019.
*Murphy, James (April 22, 2019). [ Left-wing Leanings of the U.S. Intelligence Community Exposed]. ''The New American''. Retrieved April 22, 2019.*Plott, Elaina (May 15, 2019). [ Ignoring Trump’s Orders, Hoping He’ll Forget]. ''The Atlantic''. Retrieved May 15, 2019.See also:*Wood, L. Todd (May 9, 2019). [ Foggy Bottom should be investigated too, for actions overseas]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 20, 2019.</ref> (The fact that members of the [[deep state]] have grown visibly scared of reports stating such confirms this view,<ref>[ POLITICO: Obama Admin Bureaucrats ‘Panicked’ by Breitbart Spotlight: Don’t Question Our Loyalty!] ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 22, 2017.</ref> as well as the fact that federal government employees overwhelmingly donated to Democrats leading up to the 2018 elections just like in previous elections;<ref>Schoffstall, Joe (October 17, 2017). [ Federal government workers donating overwhelmingly to Democrats]. ''Fox News'' (from ''The Washington Free Beacon''). Retrieved October 17, 2017.</ref> in May 2017, it was reported that 60% of [[National Security Council]] employees were Obama-Administration holdovers<ref>Wong, Kristina (May 17, 2017). [ Trump Under Siege: More than 60 Percent of NSC Employees Placed by Obama]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 18, 2017.</ref>). In June 2018, one socialist protestor who heckled DHS Secretary [[Kirstjen Nielsen]] for her enforcement of President Trump's tough immigration policies was revealed as a DOJ employee.<ref>Multiple references:
*Mikelionis, Lukas (June 21, 2018). [ DOJ employee among those heckling DHS boss Nielsen, report says]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved June 21, 2018.
*Samuels, Brett (June 21, 2018). [ Protester who interrupted DHS chief's dinner works for Justice Department]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved June 21, 2018.</ref> Even some White House officials worked against the president's agenda.<ref>Multiple references:
*Gallington, Daniel (June 7, 2017). [ Loyalty matters]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved December 20, 2017.
*Pollock, Richard; Barton, Ethan (August 14, 2017). [ EXCLUSIVE: Obama Holdovers Still In Dozens Of Key National Security Council Jobs]. ''The Daily Caller''. Retrieved December 20, 2017.
*Garcia, Carlos (November 17, 2017). [ ICE union says Obama holdovers are sabotaging immigration enforcement, here’s how]. ''The Blaze''. Retrieved December 20, 2017.</ref> Numerous government officials who resigned due to President Trump's actions subtly inserted anti-Trump messages into their resignation letters.<ref>Pappas, Alex (August 23, 2017). [ Hiding secret anti-Trump messages in resignation letters is latest political craze]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved August 23, 2017.</ref> The Trump Administration was the victim of numerous leaks of information, many of which threatened U.S. national security – it was reported in July 2017 that leaks occurred once a day on average,<ref>Boylan, Dan (July 6, 2017). [ White House leaks that threaten national security stream out at rate of one a day]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved July 7, 2017.</ref> and Trump faced seven times more leaks than Obama or Bush II did.<ref>Wong, Kristina (July 7, 2017). [ DEEP STATE: Trump Facing Seven Times More National Security Leaks Than Obama or Bush]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 7, 2017.</ref> The Russia probe headed by Independent Counsel and former FBI Director [[Robert Mueller]] was founded found to have hired investigators extremely biased against President Trump.<ref>Multiple references:
*[ Ex-Mueller aides' texts revealed: Read them here]. ''Fox News''. December 13, 2017. Retrieved January 5, 2018.
*Singman, Brooke (December 7, 2017). [ Top Mueller investigator's Democratic ties raise new bias questions]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved January 5, 2018.
*[ Roundup: Trump-Era Deregulation in the Courts]. ''Institute for Policy Integrity''. Retrieved April 5, 2019.
*Higgins, Tucker (January 24, 2019). [ The Trump administration has lost more than 90 percent of its court battles over deregulation]. ''CNBC''. Retrieved April 19, 2019.
See also*Geman, Ben (June 10, 2019). [ Most climate-related litigation in the Trump era supports protections]. ''Axios''. Retrieved June 10, 2019.Statements by Attorney General Sessions:
*Mordock, Jeff (March 10, 2018). [ Sessions blasts federal judges for injunctions against Trump administration policies]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved March 10, 2018.
*Shaw, Adam (March 10, 2018). [ Sessions slams 'activist judges' for nationwide injunctions on sanctuary cities, DACA]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved March 10, 2018.
Statements by Attorney General Barr:
*DeMarche, Edmund (May 21, 2019). [ Trump's agenda hampered by troubling number of lower court injunctions, Barr says]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved May 22, 2019.
*Halaschak, Zachary (May 21, 2019). [ AG Barr blasts federal judges who impose nationwide injunctions]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved May 22, 2019.
*Mordock, Jeff (May 21, 2019). [ 'Unprecedented power': William Barr blasts federal judges over nationwide injunctions]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 22, 2019.
*Balsamo, Michael (May 21, 2019). [ AG Barr says nationwide rulings are hampering Trump’s agenda]. ''Associated Press''. Retrieved May 22, 2019.
*Vadum, Matthew (May 23, 2019). [ Attorney General Barr Criticizes Nationwide Injunctions]. ''The Epoch Times''. Retrieved May 23, 2019.
See also:
*Munro, Neil (November 20, 2018). [ DHS, DoJ Slam Judge’s Order to Let Illegal Migrants Apply for Asylum]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved November 21, 2018.
*Horowitz, Daniel (March 14, 2019). [ Where’s the congressional outrage over judicial power grabs?] ''Conservative Review''. Retrieved March 16, 2019.
*Musto, Julia (May 14, 2019). [ Trump admin push to stop illegal immigration hampered by district judges, despite surge: US attorney]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved May 14, 2019.
*Bream, Shannon; Mears, Bill (May 22, 2019). [ Trump administration fights back against lone judges nixing policies ‘with the stroke of the pen’]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved May 23, 2019.
Specific examples of courts blocking President Trump's immigration agenda:
*Spiering, Charlie (April 27, 2017). [ Donald Trump Blasts Ninth Circuit for Blocking Sanctuary Cities Order: ‘See You in the Supreme Court!’] ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 4, 2017.
*Horowitz, Daniel (March 20, 2019). [ At SCOTUS this week: Conservatives won an immigration battle but continue to lose the war]. ''Conservative Review''. Retrieved March 21, 2019.
*Spiering, Charlie (April 9, 2019). [ Donald Trump Slams Ninth Circuit Judge for Blocking Border Enforcement]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 9, 2019.
*Horowitz, Daniel (April 9, 2019). [ Where does the Constitution say that California judges control our border policy?] ''Conservative Review''. Retrieved April 9, 2019.*Franch, David (May 17, 2019). [ The Judicial Resistance Rescues DACA, Again]. ''National Review''. Retrieved May 20, 2019.</ref> Former U.S. presidents, such as [[George W. Bush]] and [[Barack Obama]], even broke with tradition to criticize President Trump.<ref>[ 2 Former Presidents Break With Tradition to Denounce Trump]. ''Voice of America'' (from the ''Associated Press''). October 21, 2017. Retrieved October 21, 2017.</ref>
===From radical left-wing activists===
Democrat attorney generals were extremely active against the Trump Administration,<ref>Multiple references:
*Hurley, Lawrence; Chung, Andrew (November 2, 2017). [ Trump's opponents race to the courthouse to thwart him]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved February 27, 2018.
*Lucas, Fred (February 6, 2018). [ Democratic AGs swarm Trump administration with lawsuits]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved February 6, 2018.See also:*O'Reilly, Andrew (May 14, 2019). [ California files 50th lawsuit against Trump administration in case over union dues]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved May 14, 2019.</ref> suing it nearly 50 times in 2017 alone.<ref>Wilson, Reid (January 2, 2018). [ Democratic AGs sue Trump at record pace]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved January 3, 2018.</ref> Leftists went out of their way searching for evidence of crimes by President Trump.<ref>Multiple references:
*Starr, Penny (March 25, 2019). [ The Left Post Mueller Report: Nine Trump-Related Investigations Will Continue Unabated]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 25, 2019.
*Kirkwood, R. Cort (March 25, 2019). [ Trump Derangement Worsens, Despite Mueller Report, Dems Still Think He Committed a Crime]. ''The New American''. Retrieved March 25, 2019.
Media FOIA requests at the Trump Administration EPA increased 669% from the last years of the Obama Administration.<ref>Moran, Sean (March 20, 2019). [ Establishment Media Increase Trump EPA Document Requests 669% over Obama Requests]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 21, 2019.</ref><ref>Scher, Brent (March 20, 2019). [ Media FOIA Requests to EPA Spiked After Trump Election, Data Reveal]. ''The Washington Free Beacon''. Retrieved March 21, 2019.</ref>
In May 2019, researchers at the Italian analytics company Ghost Data found that "a coordinated campaign to undermine President Trump" existed on Instagram.<ref>Multiple references:
*Birnbaum, Emily (May 20, 2019). [ Researchers find coordinated anti-Trump campaign on Instagram]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved May 22, 2019.
*Balmer, Crispian (May 20, 2019). [ Coordinated anti-Trump campaign emerges on Instagram: study]. ''Reuters''. Retrieved May 22, 2019.
*Harper, Jennifer (May 22, 2019). [ Researchers discover coordinated campaign to undermine President Trump on Instagram]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 22, 2019.</ref>
===From others===
*Lane, Oliver JJ (January 3, 2019). [ Trump: ‘If I Were Popular in Europe, I Wouldn’t Be Doing My Job’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 3, 2019.</ref>
[[Token conservative]]s have strongly opposed President Trump despite his many accomplishments in advancing conservative policies.Because of their irrational and reflexive opposition to President Trump, they were often forced to either support far-left policies or significantly lessen their opposition to them.<ref>Lifson, Thomas (May 30, 2019). [ Conservatives who want to oust Trump must support these liberal positions]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved May 31, 2019.</ref>
===Setbacks for the Left===