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/* Pete Buttigieg tests new campaign slogans */
::Buttigieg is not "the first" gay Democrat to run for president; Hickenlooper, Harris, Booker, Michelle, Barry and Hillary are all gay. Buttigieg is nothing new. He's a walking timebomb of cultural marxism, moreso than Barry Obama. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Deep Six the Deep State!'']]</sup> 13:46, 25 May 2019 (EDT)
:::Character counts in terms of peoples' voting. And the sooner Republicans/conservatives stop cowering in their bunnyholes when people cry racist, homophobia, misogny, etc., the better off they will be. 46% of American Americans feel uncomfortable with the idea of a homosexual presidential candidate and if that is not enough of political handicap, Buttigieg says "capitalism has let a lot of people down."[]
:::The founding fathers of the USA certainly would not have voted for an openly homosexual political candidate.
:::The whole idea of an openly homosexual USA president is a joke. About 70 countries have anti-homosexuality laws. How would a homosexual American president deal with the Middle East? Asia and the Middle East are important regions of the world and both areas frown on homosexuality. And evangelical Christianity and Islam are spreading fast in the world and both are very anti-homosexuality (see: [[Growth of evangelical Christianity]]). There are 619 evangelical Christians in the world and Pentecostals alone are expected to reach 1 billion people in the world by 2025.[[User:Conservative|Conservative]] ([[User talk:Conservative|talk]]) 14:34, 25 May 2019 (EDT)