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/* Biden's "limited exposure" */
I have been predicting the collapse of the Joe Biden bubble for a while. So far, he has not only defied my predictions, but grown increasingly dominant in terms of 2020 polling. What's his secret? He skips almost all campaign events. Here is ''WaPo'': "[ Joe Biden’s campaign of limited exposure: How long can he keep it up?]." Democrats have fond memories of Biden campaigning for Obama in 2008. He's a lot older now. After campaign events, reporters ask audience members what they think of Biden. They generally say "old." Hey, but Biden does great as long nobody's looking! Maybe the DNC can cancel the debates for him. [[User:PeterKa|PeterKa]] ([[User talk:PeterKa|talk]]) 10:04, 27 May 2019 (EDT)
:C.mon now. Are you telling me you put any stock in polls? It's no different than watching ''Meet the Press'' or any so-called <SM "news show" leads with the Democrat race. Nobody cares what the Democrats think or say. [[User:RobSmith|RobS]]<sup>[[User talk:RobSmith|''Deep Six the Deep State!'']]</sup> 16:21, 27 May 2019 (EDT)
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