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Atheism and obesity

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/* Trent Toulouse */
*[ Trent Toulouse posted: "I am the 'owner' of RationalWiki, though it not ownership in the traditional sense."]</ref> He is also one of the board of trustees of the RationalMedia Foundation.<ref>[ RationalMedia Foundation - List of Board Members]</ref>
Pictures A picture of an overweight obese Trent Toulouse can be found [ HERE]. The RationalWiki website has a significant amount of content criticizing [[alternative medicine]]. Its alternative medicine article describes alternative medicine thusly: "Alternative medicine is any medical treatment that is not part of conventional evidence-based medicine, such as one would learn in medical school, nursing school or even paramedic training."<ref>[ Alternative medicine - RationalWiki]</ref> Evidence-based medicine strongly indicates that [[Health risks linked to obesity|obesity poses significant health risks]].
== Carl Benjamin ==