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/* Oh, the humanity... */
::I don't think civic nationalism is going solve racial/ethnic/religious friction in the USA. Maybe a brokered/negotiated peace like [[Singapore]] is better solution. Over the long term, maybe intermarriage may ease racial friction. [[Hawaii]] and the [[Philippines]] don't seem like places where there is a lot of racial friction and there has been a lot of racial intermarriage in those cultures. [[Civil rights]] activists wore Hawaiian leis during the Selma to Montgomery civil rights marches.[] If I am not mistaken, in ancient times, rulers used to intermarry with foreign wives sometimes to cement relations between countries. Maybe that is one of the reasons why Solomon had so many wives. See: [ Royal intermarriage].
::The demography/racial/religion/politics scholar [[Eric Kaufmann]] (who was Canadian born and his himself multi-racial), projects there is going to be a lot of racial intermarriage in the 21st century and there is evidence to suggest this (low birth rates in developed countries which can be hard to reverse, immigration, second generation immigrant intermarriage, etc.). See: [ Racial demographic/political shifts].[[User:Conservative|Conservative]] ([[User talk:Conservative|talk]]) 09:20, 23 June 2019 (EDT)