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'''The overwhelmingly white [[U.S.]] women's soccer [[World Cup]] team leads in self-described [[lesbian]]s''', including its coach and also two players who are engaged to each other. [] ''Is this why the [[liberal media]] does not criticize the team's lack of racial diversity compared with the men's team??''
'''[[Liberal]]s and [[leftism|leftists]] are in an uproar''' because [[YouTube]]’s demonetizing frenzy slammed the [[Southern Poverty Law Center]] (SPLC).[] Recently, the SPLC has been mired in hypocrisy/scandal.[]
According to [[Alexa]], the "Traffic Sources: Percentage overall site traffic from each channel", SPLC has the highest figure to a joke, irreligious website (See: [[Essay: Conservapedia vs. the joke, irreligious website]]).
'''According to [[Alexa]], the number one channel''' of traffic to [[Conservapedia]] is[]
It's obvious that Conservapedia attracts an audience that wants to have a deeper understanding of the world. See also: [[Essay: Conservapedia vs. the joke, irreligious website]]
'''[[Vaccine]] police end religious liberty in [[Leftist]] [[New York]]''', which "Ends Religious Exemptions For Required Vaccines." []