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Judicial activism

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The rise of judicial activism has coincided with the growing number of contentious and controversial judicial nominations in the U.S.<ref>Gramlich, John (March 7, 2018). [ Federal judicial picks have become more contentious, and Trump’s are no exception]. ''Pew Research Center''. Retrieved March 11, 2018.</ref><ref>[ The Struggle to Shape the Federal Judiciary]. ''Brookings Institution''. Retrieved March 11, 2018.</ref><ref>Wolfe, Christopher (March 3, 2006). [ From Constitutional Interpretation to Judicial Activism: The Transformation of Judicial Review in America]. ''Heritage Foundation''. Retrieved March 11, 2018.</ref>
An example of judicial activism is the Left's support for court packing when conservatives are able to choose [[textualist ]] and [[originalism|originalist ]] judges.<ref>Klein, Aaron (October 7, 2018). [ Dems Latest Scheme: ‘Balance’ Supreme Court by Adding Two Liberal Judges]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved October 7, 2018.</ref>
*''[[Griswold v. Connecticut]]'' — 1965 Supreme Court ruling establishing a constitutional right to possess, distribute and use [[contraception]].
*''[[Roe v. Wade]]'' — 1973 Supreme Court ruling claiming a constitutional "right" to [[abortion]].<ref>Duke, Selwyn (July 8, 2019). [ Save Babies and Abort Judicial Supremacy]. ''The New American''. Retrieved July 8, 2019.</ref>
*''[[Lawrence v. Texas]]'' — 2003 Supreme Court ruling claiming a constitutional "right" to [[sodomy]].
*''[[Obergefell v. Hodges]]'' — 2015 Supreme Court ruling claiming a constitutional "right" to [[same-sex marriage|same-sex "marriage"]].
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