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'''[[Trump]]'s approval rating rises''' as voters are dismayed by the other candidates for in the [[United States presidential election, 2020]]. []
'''The [[Democratic Party]] platform, in summary: a monumental hoax''' on the [[America]]n people. ''That is, '''if''' the people let them get away with it in 2020.'' []
Also, please see our new essay: [[Essay: Rhythmic, religious Latinos vs. atheist wet blankets|Rhythmic, religious Latinos vs. atheist wet blankets]]
'''Residents of the city of Flint, [[Michigan]] lose again.''' The city's [[Democrat]]ic mayor plays politics with the water.[]
''The Atlantic'' on [[Joe Biden]]: "The former vice president is not even the oldest person in the race, but you wouldn’t know it."
'''[[Politically correct|Political correct]]ness disrupts [[Joe Biden]] again''', this time for his observation that people used to mock [[homosexual]] waiters at restaurants. [] ''Can a truthful candidate even win the [[Dem]] nomination today?''
'''The latest [[liberal]] train wreck: E. Jean Carroll and her false rape accusation against [[Trump]].''' [][]
'''[[Liberal]]s are furious at how people point out that [[Kamala Harris]] is not African American'''. Her mother was born in [[India]], which uses objectionable racial quotas, and her father is an immigrant from [[Jamaica]]. ''[[Joe Biden]] missed an opportunity in not rebutting her unfair attacks on him at the [[Dem]] debate''.
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