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Christian apologetics

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None of the footnotes support the contention that these centers are known for apologetics. They are not known for this.
Ratio Christi helps each chapter organize one or two campus-wide events a year by connecting them with speakers and debaters like William Lane Craig and Gary Habermas, helping them find the funding, etc. But after the event has come and gone, the lay apologist is still there to lead discussions and interact with the Christians, skeptics, atheists, and seekers who may never have realized that Christianity has a weighty intellectual tradition behind it.<ref>[ Ratio Christi Apologetics Clubs]</ref>}}
Newman Centers, also called Newman Houses, Newman Clubs, or Newman Communities, are Roman Catholic ministry centers at non-Catholic universities found throughout the world. The establishment of this movement was inspired by the writings of Cardinal [[John Henry Newman]] encouraging societies for Catholic students attending secular universities, confronted by an anti-Christian, anti-Catholic, and anti-religious secular intellectual atmosphere. The centers provide pastoral services and ministries to their Catholic communities, in particular to the Roman Catholic student population within the universities. However, since these centers are located on university campuses, Christians of other denominations often come and participate as well. They provide ready access to a multitude of informational resources defending the literal physical resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the reasonableness of Christian faith and critical research establishing the reliability of the Bible.<ref>[ Newman Centers: A Brief History, by J.D. Long-Garcia (]</ref><ref>[ What are newman centers? - The Newman Connection (]</ref><ref>[ The 50 Best College Newman Centers (]</ref><ref>[ Newman Centers - Wikipedia]</ref>
== Christianity apologetics and the developing world ==