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Muellergate timeline 2019

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/* July 2019 */
*''Politico'' reports: Trump dossier author Steele gets 16-hour DOJ grilling.<ref></ref>
*'''12 July.''' Realclearinvestigations: Isikoff Spins His Own Russian Conspiracy Theories -- Again.<ref>[ sikoff Isikoff Spins His Own Russian Conspiracy Theories -- Again.]</ref> *'''14 July.''' Nunes warns Barr: Without prosecutions none “will trust the FBI or DOJ for generations”.<ref></ref>:*“These are all a bunch of dirty cops”:*Weissman was briefed on the Steele dossier in the summer of 2016:*Weissmann’s early involvement with the chain of custody, according to legal advice Nunes received, effectively disqualified him from serving on Mueller’s team.
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