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Atheism and racism

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/* China and racism */
To be Black or African in China is to be labeled unintelligent, dangerous, unattractive, or to see an empty seat next to you on a crowded subway.<ref>[ ''What is it like to be Black in China?''], Inkstone News</ref>}}
Barry Sautman published via the ''Cambridge University Press'' about racism in post [[Mao Zedong]] China:
{{Cquote|Expressions of anti-black sentiment by Chinese students have caught the world's attention periodically since the end of the 1970s. Demonstrations against African students in Nanjing and other cities between late 1988 and early 1989 received wide press coverage. Because the African population in China is small and transient, some observers saw these events as a manifestation of a vestigial xenophobia, not as part of a developing trend of thought within a key segment of Chinese society. Placed next to the brutal ethnic conflicts that plague much of the world, the episodic, non-lethal incidents in China seemed evanescent, with only fleeting implications for China's foreign policy.<ref>[ Anti-Black Racism in Post-Mao China] by Barry Sautman, ''Cambridge University Press''</ref>}}
== Black atheism ==