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'''Nationalism''' is a feeling of unity among a group of people born out of the [[French Revolution]] and [[Age of Enlightenment]] idea of worship of the ''[[Patriotism|Patrie]]'', or one's national origins and a sense of pride in their country.
Nationalists today support [[national sovereignty]] and [[self-governance]] over [[globalism]], preserving their respective national cultures and demographics over [[multiculturalism]], and a [[border wall]]. [[Economic nationalism]] is a variant of nationalism that prioritizes a nation-state's economic independence. Nationalism has a strong association with [[limited government]], [[individual liberty]], and national cohesion,<ref name="Hazony2018">Hazony, Yoram (August 24, 2018). [ The Liberty of Nations]. ''The Wall Street Journal''. Retrieved August 25, 2018.</ref><ref>Multiple references:*Munro, Neil (October 16, 2018). [ New York Times Op-Ed: Nationalism Is Vital for a Good Society]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved October 16, 2018.</ref><ref>*[ Much ado about nationalism]. ''Washington Examiner''. October 24, 2018. Retrieved October 24, 2018.</ref><ref>*Singleton, Shermichael (February 26, 2019). [ The case for nationalism]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved February 26, 2019.*Bauer, Fred (August 28, 2019). [ What the Nationalism vs. Liberalism Debate Misses]. ''National Review''. Retrieved September 1, 2019.</ref> and it frequently serves as a force for national unity and against [[identity politics]] and racism.<ref>Kraychik, Robert (February 25, 2019). [ ‘American First’ Activist: ‘You Are No More Mexican Than I Am African’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved February 25, 2019.</ref> Nationalism and [[patriotism]] are near synonyms, though [[Marxists]], [[communists]], and globalists all have tried to redefine the terms as opposites.<ref>Gregor, A. James (November 18, 2018). [ Gregor: The False Dichotomy of Nationalism Versus Patriotism]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved November 18, 2018.</ref> Nationalism and [[imperialism]], however, are not synonymous and differ in important respects.<ref>Pipes, Daniel (August 2, 2019). [ 'Yes to nationalism, no to imperialism']. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved August 3, 2019.</ref>
Lack of nationalism, or a desire for new nations, was a cause for the split of countries such as [[Yugoslavia]] and [[Austria-Hungary]]. It can be considered positive, as a form of patriotism,<ref name="Hazony2018"/><ref>Pinkerton, James P. (September 16, 2018). [ Pinkerton: ‘The Nationalist Revival’ — a Progressive Defends the Deplorables]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 17, 2018.<br>See also:
*[[Donald Trump and nationalism]]
==Further reading==
*Hazony, Yoram (2018). ''The Virtue of Nationalism''. New York: Basic Books. ISBN 9781541645370.
*Lowry, Rich (2019). ''The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free''. New York: Broadside Books. ISBN 9780062839640.
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