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Liberal bigotry

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/* Examples of liberal bigotry */
*Mainwaring, Doug (July 23, 2019). [ Beauty queen speaks the truth: ‘Coming out as conservative is harder than coming out as gay’]. ''LifeSiteNews''. Retrieved July 23, 2019.</ref>
*Liberal actress/singer Bette Midler drew heavy flack on Twitter for a racist tweet she posted where she accused black attendees at a Donald Trump rally of having been "paid" to attend the event, basically implying that blacks cannot think for themselves.<ref>[ Bette Midler Slammed as "Racist" After Saying Black People at Trump Rallies Are Paid "Blackground" Props] at Breitbart News Network</ref>
*An Alabama church posted a sign stating that "A black vote for Trump is mental illness."<ref>Morris, Kyle (August 7, 2019). [ Alabama Church Sign Claims ‘A Black Vote for Trump Is Mental Illness’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 7, 2019.</ref><ref>Folley, Aris (August 30, 2019). [ Alabama church posts sign: 'A black vote for Trump is mental illness']. ''The Hill''. Retrieved August 30, 2019.</ref>*''The New York Times'' published an op-ed attacking conservative Christians.<ref>Lovell, Hunter (August 31, 2019). [ New York Times writer blames ‘the phonies, the charlatans’ for ‘why people hate religion’]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved August 31, 2019.</ref>
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