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United Russia

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'''United Russia''' is the largest political party in [[Russia]]. It was formed in 2001 as a union of Fatherland - All Russia and Unity Party of Russia.<ref name=RUSSIAPROFILE>[ United Russia] '''' {{dead link}}</ref><ref name="RTDPSNR67">{{cite book
|title= Russia Transformed: Developing Popular Support for a New Regime
== History ==
The strategic goal of the party is "to raise people’s living standards to European standards."<ref name=RUSSIAPROFILE/> According to the statement adopted at the founding congress on December 1, 2001, the priorities of the party are administrative reform, transparent state policy, development of local self-administration, improvement of the nation's defencedefense, judicial reform , etc.<ref name=RUSSIAPROFILE/>
The creation of this party largely isolated the communists and liberals at the extremes.<ref name="RTDPSNR67"/> In the 2003 Russian legislative election, the party won nearly half of the seats in the [[Duma]].<ref name="RTDPSNR67"/> In the Russian Presidential Election in 2004, the party supported [[Vladimir Putin]]; in the Russian Presidential Election in 2008, the party supported [[Dmitry Medvedev]], because of term limits on Putin's presidency. In the [[Russian Presidential Election 2012]] and 2018 it again supported Putin, who was reelected.