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:The contrasting difference in interpretive readings of Mark 3:21 is an example of how particular interpretive doctrines and [[confirmation bias]] can strongly influence particular translators and biblical translation committees. It is better to adjust our understanding to the scriptures, than to adjust the scriptures to our understanding.
:Compare [ multiple commentaries on Mark 3:21]. <br> See also previous page, Chapters 8-14: [[Harmony of the Gospel (Conservative Version) longer form Chapters 8-14#Fourteen|''Harmony of the Gospel (Conservative Version)'', Chapter Fourteen—''scroll down to marginal note'' '''He is out of his mind''' Mark 3:21]].
:Abuse and misuse of the Bible has produced contradicting abominations all based on literalist ''proof readings'' of the text ("The Bible says so!"), such as the following scriptures put forth with perverse Satanic reasoning (similar to the Satanic "proof texting" in Matthew 4:6-7; Luke 4:9-12):
:''This is [[blasphemy]]!''
:The fact that the Bible contradicts these [[Cafeteria Christianity#Proof texts|'''proof texts''']], by opposing scripture passages that say unequivocally that Jesus is righteous and "knew no sin" (never sinned), is taken by those who twist the scriptures to their own destruction as ''[[proof]]'' that the Bible contradicts itself, and cannot be trusted ([ 2&nbsp;Peter 1:19-21]; [ 3:15-17]). They deny that anyone has authority to reject their arguments by any reasoning from scripture alone. (See [[Paradox]], [[Specious reasoning]], [[Casuistry]], and [[Sophistry]].)
:The Bible says of [[Melchizedek]] in [ Hebrews 7:3] that "He is without father or mother or genealogy, and has neither beginning of days '''nor end of life''', but resembling the Son of God he continues a priest for ever" (RSVCE)—see [ commentaries on Hebrews 7:3]. A careful, close reading of the entire New Testament as a whole also discloses that there is no text of scripture that explicitly states that Mary ever broke any one or all of the [[Ten Commandments]], or says that she ever sinned. On the basis of scripture alone, then, what Jesus said of himself can also be said of Mary, "Which of you convicts me of sin?" (John 8:46). If there are any such texts in the Bible, Mark 3:21 is not one of them.
:Orthodox and Catholic commentaries rank Mary the "God-bearer (''[[Theotokos]]'')" as second only to the Lord Jesus Christ himself, his humble handmaiden, his purest and most perfect servant, whom he created to be his mother and then exalted as the true Queen of Heaven, higher than the angels. Compare
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