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Liberal hypocrisy

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*Canadian politician Chrystia Freeland, the [[Liberal Party of Canada|Liberal]] Minister of Foreign Affairs under [[Justin Trudeau]], has falsely called her critics "white supremacists", but refuses to acknowledge that her maternal grandfather was an actual Nazi collaborator who published a newspaper which printed Nazi propaganda.<ref>[ Freeland calls critics “white supremacists,” but dodges questions about Nazi grandpa] at the Rebel Media YouTube channel</ref> When confronted about this by [[The Rebel Media|Rebel Media]] reporter Keean Bexte, Freeland brushed him off while several of her aides ran interference for her. Liberal politician Kent Hehr, formerly a member of Trudeau's cabinet as the Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities before he resigned from that post in January 2018 when reports of workplace sexual harassment surfaced, likewise refused to condemn Freeland's family's ties to Nazism before Hehr's aide, Vincent St. Pierre, ran interference for him and blocked Bexte from speaking to him.<ref>[ Liberal MP Kent Hehr REFUSES to condemn Nazis] at the Rebel Media YouTube channel</ref>
*Liberal governments banned right-wing figures from entering the UK and Australia, and the United States banned Hindu [[Narendra Modi]] from entering for a period of time. However, Israel's conservative government did the same thing for two far-left U.S. representatives and was baselessly accused of hatred toward an entire ethnic or political group, while the other countries were not.
*The same Democrats who supported Obama's decision to withdraw soldiers from the Middle East criticized President Trump for withdrawing a smaller number of soldiers from the same region.<ref>Blitzer, Ronn (October 17, 2019). [ Dems who praised Obama for troop withdrawal now highly critical of Trump]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved October 17, 2019.</ref>
*Left-wing Senator [[Dianne Feinstein]] opposed the Senate Judiciary Committee's disregard of blue slips during the Trump Administration, which Democrat senators used to block originalist judicial nominees, even though she also opposed blue slips in 2001.<ref>Quinn, Melissa (April 4, 2019). [ Dianne Feinstein's ire over GOP altering blue slip process belies 2001 offer to 'happily vote' to get rid of it]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved April 4, 2019.</ref>
*Liberals claimed President Trump's expressions of a desire to see a [[prosecutor]] fired was [[obstruction of justice]] while at the same time defending [[Joe Biden]] for actually getting a prosecutor fired who was investigating his son. Their defense was others expressed a desire to see the prosecutor fired, as well.
*Nash, Charlie (April 3, 2018). [ Kurt Eichenwald Calls Parkland Survivor ‘Desperate’ and ‘In Need of Psychiatric Help’]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved April 3, 2018.</ref> nor do they care when the leftist child activists make extremely nasty attacks against conservatives.<ref>Duke, Selwyn (April 2, 2018). [ Media Double Standard: David Hogg Can Hurl Stones, but Can’t be Criticized]. ''The New American''. Retrieved April 2, 2018.</ref>
*Liberals attacked [[Tucker Carlson]] in 2019 for making nasty comments on radio about a decade earlier, but they defended or refused to criticize leftists who made similar comments.<ref>[ Author Jack Posobiec]. ''Twitter''. March 11, 2019. Retrieved March 11, 2019.</ref><ref>[ Arthur Schwartz ]. ''Twitter''. March 10, 2019. Retrieved March 11, 2019.</ref><ref>Concha, Joe (March 13, 2019). [ Selective-outrage machine goes after Tucker, again]. ''The Hill''. Retrieved March 13, 2019.</ref> Even the president of [[Media Matters for America]] made vulgar and bigoted comments as bad, if not worse, than the comments of those whose lives he had tried to destroy.<ref>Hasson, Peter (March 12, 2019). [ Media Matters President Wrote Blog Posts About 'Japs,' 'Jewry' and 'Trannies']. ''The Daily Caller''. Retrieved March 13, 2019.</ref>
*In 2019, a "tolerant" teenage leftist egged an Australian senator who made politically incorrect comments about Islam, and other "tolerant" liberals raised money for his legal defense in responseafter the boy's arrest.<ref>Multiple references:
*Rodriguez, Katherine (March 16, 2019). [ Teen Smashes Egg on Australian Lawmaker Who Blamed New Zealand Shooting on Immigration]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved March 16, 2019.
*Blake, Andrew (March 16, 2019). [ Australian senator egged by teen amid blockback for his anti-Muslim remarks]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved March 16, 2019.</ref> Liberals then tried to blame the senator for the harassment after he slapped the teenager in response.<ref>Falconer, Rebecca (March 17, 2019). [ Australian senator not sorry for hitting boy or for Muslim remarks]. ''Axios''. Retrieved March 18, 2019.</ref>
*Liberals hypocritically claim that nobody can criticize left-wing child icons such as [[Greta Thunberg]] (using their age as a shield against criticism in the process), but they have no problem vulgarly mocking, bullying, and harassing conservative children such as the [[Covington kids]], despite their age, simply for being conservative.<ref>[ Brandon Darby]. ''Twitter''. September 23, 2019. Retrieved September 23, 2019.</ref><ref> Steven Crowder]. ''Twitter''. September 24, 2019. Retrieved September 25, 2019.</ref>
*The same liberals who support criminalizing offensive speech as "assault" believe that throwing a milkshake at a politician one does not like should not be considered assault.<ref>Fry, Madeline (July 1, 2019). [ What Ricky Gervais got right about milkshaking]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved July 1, 2019.</ref>
*In 2019, anti-[[Brexit]] advocates claimed with no evidence that Prime Minister [[Boris Johnson]] incited violence by correctly labeling Parliament's anti-Brexit bills a "surrender bill" while left-wing activists actually promoted violence by hanging effigies of Tories.<ref>Montgomery, Jack (September 29, 2019). [ Media Pushes ‘Inflammatory Language’ Narrative as Leftists Hang Effigies of Tories from Bridge]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 29, 2019.</ref>
===Sexual misconduct allegations===
While [[Max Boot]] claims President Trump is an opportunist, Boot himself has engaged in blatant political opportunism, changing his beliefs in financially-profitable ways.<ref>Scarry, Eddie (May 14, 2019). [ Max Boot, media grifter, is projecting his own sin onto Trump]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved May 14, 2019.</ref>
While Democrats and liberals attacked President Trump for allegedly asking for information on a campaign rival from a foreign country – misrepresenting the president's actual request – they themselves asked for information about Trump several times from foreign actors.<ref>Multiple references:
*Scarborough, Rowan (September 29, 2019). [ 'Black ledger' and naked photos: Democrats pressured foreign countries for dirt on Trump]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved September 30, 2019.
*Olson, Tyler (September 30, 2019). [ GOP lawmaker digs up audio of Schiff telling prank callers he would accept Trump dirt from Ukraine]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved September 30, 2019.
*Kirkwood, R. Cort (October 1, 2019). [ Schiff Sought Nude Photos of Trump From Foreign Source, Concocted Falsehood About Trump-Zelensky Call]. ''The New American''. Retrieved October 1, 2019.</ref>
===Destroying civic norms===
*William, Thomas D. (May 6, 2018). [ Shock Study: Climate Skeptics More ‘Eco-Friendly’ than Climate Alarmists]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved May 7, 2018.
*Richardson, Valerie (May 7, 2018). [ Climate skeptics more eco-friendly than global-warming alarmists: study]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved May 7, 2018.</ref>
*Climate change advocates often fly private jets and other vehicles that cause heavy pollution to travel to "green" events.<ref>Kent, Simon (July 31, 2019). [ Global Elites Take Private Jets, Yachts to Climate Summit]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved July 31, 2019.</ref><ref>Starr, Penny (August 20, 2019). [ Youth’s Transatlantic Sailing Trip to Fight Climate Change Could Be Foiled by Team’s Plane Trips]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved August 20, 2019.</ref> They also make other demands on ordinary Americans despite their lavish lifestyle.<ref>Bokhari, Allum (September 21, 2019). [ Bokhari: Elites Want You to Eat Bugs, Live in Sewer Pipes, and Submit to Population Control]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 21, 2019.</ref> The liberal EU has claimed to support a healthy environment because of its support for left-wing environmentalist policies, but it simultaneously worked to increase private jet use.<ref>Kent, Simon (September 25, 2019). [ E.U. Claims ‘Global Climate Leadership’ as Private Jet Use Soars by 50%]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved September 25, 2019.</ref>
===Seattle's anti-oil "kayaktivism"===
===Polluting the air===
[[File:Polk county democrats.jpg |right|thumb|300ox|After lecturing Americans on the [[climate apocalypse]], 17 Democrat presidential candidates dumped thousands of pounds of noxious coal burning carbon emissions in the air to cook roast 10,000 beef steaks from methane gas emitting cows.<ref></ref>]]
For the 2018 [[World Economic Forum]] in Davos, over 1,000 private jet flights transported the numerous globalist elites to the event so they could discuss "the 'major threat' of climate change," among other issues.<ref>Hale, Virginia (January 24, 2018). [ Irony Alert: A Thousand Private Jets Deliver Globalist Elite to Davos for Climate Change Summit]. ''Breitbart News''. Retrieved January 24, 2018.</ref>
After promising to end carbon emissions from fossil fuels and coal, and vowing to pass a hamburger tax to wean Americans off of beef and close down factory farming, 17 Democratic [[2020 presidential election]] candidates had an outdoor cookout sponsored by the Polk County Iowa [[Democratic party]] where they roasted 10,500 beef steaks using fossil fuels and coal.
===More exhaust, less walking===
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