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Donald Trump achievements: Abortion

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/* Executive actions, 2019 */
*Cha, Ariana Eunjung (September 24, 2019). [ U.S. joins 19 nations, including Saudi Arabia and Russia: ‘There is no international right to an abortion’]. ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved September 25, 2019.
*Perano, Ursula (September 23, 2019). [ U.S. urges UN to omit reproductive health terms from policies]. ''Axios''. Retrieved September 25, 2019.
*Fitzgerald, Sandy (September 23, 2019). [ Trump Administration to UN: No 'International Right' to Abortion]. ''Newsmax''. Retrieved September 25, 2019.See also:*McGhee, Kaylee (September 24, 2019). [ The Trump administration puts a stop to the UN's pro-choice propaganda]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved September 26, 2019.</ref>
*February 22, 2019—The Trump Administration released its final rule for a policy, announced in May 2018, to defund any clinic that either provides abortions or refers people to abortion clinics, something that would reduce Planned Parenthood funding by about $60 million.<ref name="DefundFinal2019">Multiple references:
*Shaw, Adam (February 22, 2019). [ Trump administration to ban abortion referrals by taxpayer-funded family planning clinics]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved February 22, 2019.
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