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Liberal hypocrisy

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*Canadian politician Chrystia Freeland, the [[Liberal Party of Canada|Liberal]] Minister of Foreign Affairs under [[Justin Trudeau]], has falsely called her critics "white supremacists", but refuses to acknowledge that her maternal grandfather was an actual Nazi collaborator who published a newspaper which printed Nazi propaganda.<ref>[ Freeland calls critics “white supremacists,” but dodges questions about Nazi grandpa] at the Rebel Media YouTube channel</ref> When confronted about this by [[The Rebel Media|Rebel Media]] reporter Keean Bexte, Freeland brushed him off while several of her aides ran interference for her. Liberal politician Kent Hehr, formerly a member of Trudeau's cabinet as the Minister of Sport and Persons with Disabilities before he resigned from that post in January 2018 when reports of workplace sexual harassment surfaced, likewise refused to condemn Freeland's family's ties to Nazism before Hehr's aide, Vincent St. Pierre, ran interference for him and blocked Bexte from speaking to him.<ref>[ Liberal MP Kent Hehr REFUSES to condemn Nazis] at the Rebel Media YouTube channel</ref>
*Liberal governments banned right-wing figures from entering the UK and Australia, and the United States banned Hindu [[Narendra Modi]] from entering for a period of time. However, Israel's conservative government did the same thing for two far-left U.S. representatives and was baselessly accused of hatred toward an entire ethnic or political group, while the other countries were not.
*The same Democrats who supported Obama's decision to withdraw soldiers from the Middle East criticized President Trump for withdrawing a smaller number of soldiers from the same region.<ref>Blitzer, Ronn (October 17, 2019). [ Dems who praised Obama for troop withdrawal now highly critical of Trump]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved October 17, 2019.</ref>
While [[Max Boot]] claims President Trump is an opportunist, Boot himself has engaged in blatant political opportunism, changing his beliefs in financially-profitable ways.<ref>Scarry, Eddie (May 14, 2019). [ Max Boot, media grifter, is projecting his own sin onto Trump]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved May 14, 2019.</ref>
While Democrats and liberals attacked President Trump for allegedly asking for information on a campaign rival from a foreign country – misrepresenting the president's actual request – they themselves asked for information about Trump several times from foreign actors.<ref>Multiple references:*Scarborough, Rowan (September 29, 2019). [ 'Black ledger' and naked photos: Democrats pressured foreign countries for dirt on Trump]. ''The Washington Times''. Retrieved September 30, 2019.*Olson, Tyler (September 30, 2019). [ GOP lawmaker digs up audio of Schiff telling prank callers he would accept Trump dirt from Ukraine]. ''Fox News''. Retrieved September 30, 2019.*Kirkwood, R. Cort (October 1, 2019). [ Schiff Sought Nude Photos of Trump From Foreign Source, Concocted Falsehood About Trump-Zelensky Call]. ''The New American''. Retrieved October 1, 2019.</ref>
===Destroying civic norms===
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