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Robert Morris (financier)

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==Early life==
Robert Morris was born in Liverpool, England. At age 13, he sailed to America to join his father Robert Morris, Sr. in the exportation of tobacco from Chesapeake Bay, [[Maryland]].<ref>[ Robert Morris,]</ref> Robert was sent to Philadelphia for school and to work for the wealthy merchant Charles Willing. He made steady progress and grew to assume much responsibility. Charles would die leaving his son the business and his son partnered with Morris.  By the start of the American Revolution, the company ''Willing and Morris& Co'' became one of the largest and most prosperous among the commercial merchants in Philadelphia. ''Willing Morris & Co'' primarily facilitated shipping to an from other ports, carrying goods such as flour and sugar to and from the Caribbean and ports of Britain and Europe. They also had a large share of transport for [[Indentured servants]], people looking for a better life away from the tyranny of Europe's monarchs.<ref>[ The Founders and Finance: How Hamilton, Gallatin, and Other Immigrants Forged a New Economy]</ref> Like many merchant organizations in their day, ''Willing Morris & Co'' did have some involvement in shipping slaves. However, the venture proved to be unprofitable. In 1769, Robert married the rich and accomplished twenty-year old Mary White.
==American Revolution==
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