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Atheist organizations

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August Brunsman her polyamorous husband is the Executive Director of the [[Secular Student Alliance]]. Carrier was a speaker for the [[Secular Student Alliance]] when he was accused of sexual harassment.<ref>[ Popularizer of social-justice atheism can’t believe he’s accused of sexually harassing students]</ref><ref>[ Polyamory and Camp Quest]</ref>
== Atheist nonprofit organizations and scandals ==
See also: [[Atheist nonprofit organizations and scandals]] and [[Atheist organizations and financial mismanagement]]
In a 2018 YouTube video entitled ''[[David Silverman]] Ousted as President of [[American Atheists]]'', the atheist YouTube channel Utah Outcasts said in a video about David Silverman and atheist organizations: "Many other people were also like maybe he was embezzling funds because we know people in [[Atheist activist|atheist activist]] communities where that kind of sh*t happens. Yes, it was kind of common."<ref>[ David Silverman Ousted as President of American Atheists], Utah Atheists, Go to the 3 minute mark in the video</ref>
In addition, David Gorski at Scienceblogs indicated that many atheist/skeptic organizations are poorly run from a financial standpoint.<ref>[ Richard Dawkins sues Josh Timonen], Posted by David Gorski on October 24, 2010</ref>
For more information, please see: [[Atheist nonprofit organizations and scandals]]
== Communist Party of China ==
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