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As a consequence of the definition, the sum of the angles in a quadrilateral equals 360<sup>o</sup>, and all quadrilaterals are capable of [[tessellation|tessellating]] an [[infinite]] plane.
===Classification of Quadrilaterals===
The [[classification]] of quadrilaterals is complex, as there are several intersecting sub-categories:
* A [[rhombus]] has four equal sides
* A [[kite]] has two pairs of adjacent equal sides
* A [[re-entrant quadrilateral]] has one internal angle greater than 180<sup>0o</sup>; this may be contrasted with a [[convex quadrilateral]] in which all internal angles are less than 180<sup>0o</sup>
* An [[arrowhead]] is a re-entrant [[kite]]
* A [[square]] is both a [[rectangle]] and a [[rhombus]]
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