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Westboro Baptist Church

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/* Protests */ WBC protests public schools on a regular basis
* Political figures, including [[Bob Dole]], [[Bill Clinton]]'s mother,<ref name=spc /> [[Ronald Reagan]], [[Princess Diana]], Supreme Court Justice [[William Rehnquist]], former Senator David Norris,<ref name=phelps /> Topeka Mayor James McClinton, Princess Madeleine of Sweden,<ref name=phelpsfour /> and [[Donald Trump]]
* The nations of [[Israel]], [[Sweden]], [[Canada]], and [[Ireland]].<ref name=phelps />
* [[Public schools]] such as Joseph Estabrook Elementary School in [[Massachusetts]].<ref name=phelps /> and Port Charlotte High School in Florida.<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=For Gay Straight Alliance leader, an eye-opening day|author=Scott, Anna|date=2005-12-20|access-date=2018-03-06|work=Herald-Tribune Online|publisher=GateHouse Media, LLC}}</ref>
==Other Activism==
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