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Valley Park, Missouri

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|country =United States
|state =Missouri
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|settled =1917 (incorporated)
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|population =6,942 (2010 census)
|area =4.02 miĀ²
|density =
|mayor =Chandra Webster
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'''Valley Park''' is a city in West [[St. Louis County, Missouri|St. Louis County]], [[Missouri]]. It had a population of 6,942 at the 2010 census.
The school has been repeatedly honored for its academic achievements in recent years, including receiving the National Blue Ribbon Award in 2012 and being ranked as the 15th best high school in Missouri in 2018.<ref></ref>
==Community Life==
Though most of Valley Park's older structures have been destroyed by flooding, two notable landmarks remain--the Valley Park Elevator on Marshall Road, built in 1887 and the last operational grain elevator in St. Louis County; and Sacred Heart Catholic Church, completed in 1908, which stands just off Highway 141 and is the most striking feature of the cityscape. In addition, there are a number of parks and trails, the largest of which, Simpson Park on the east side of town (which is maintained by the county), covers over 200 acres. Since the construction of the levee along the Meramec, a three-mile-long asphalt trail has been laid out giving scenic views of the riverfront.<ref></ref>
The city holds a number of annual community events, including Halloween hayrides and Christmas parades, as well as periodic "Music in the Park" performances during the summer months.
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