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[[Image:Balkans.png|thumb|200px|right|Highlighted area represents the Balkans]]
The '''Balkans''' are the countries occupying the [[Balkan Peninsula]]. They are: [[Slovenia]], [[Croatia]], [[Bosnia and Herzegovina]], [[Macedonia]], [[Serbia]], [[Montenegro]], [[Romania]], [[Bulgaria]], [[Albania]], [[Greece]], & [[Turkey]] in [[Europe]]. The region derives its name from the Balkan mountain range in Bulgaria. Note that on the map, most of Turkey as well as the faraway Greek islands are excluded. This is because "Balkan" is a geographic term, rather than a political one.==See also==* [[Yugoslavia]]==Further reading==* Jelavich, Barbara. '' History of the Balkans. Vol. 1, Eighteenth and nineteenth centuries'' (1983) [ excerpt and text search]* Jelavich, Barbara. ''History of the Balkans: vol 2: Twentieth century'' (1983) 476 pages [ excerpt and text search] * Ramet, Sabrina Petra. ''Balkan Babel: Politics, Culture, and Religion in Yugoslavia.'' (1992). 230 pp.* Singleton, Fred. ''A Short History of the Yugoslav Peoples.'' (1985). 309 pp.
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