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Sassanid Empire

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[[Image:Sassanid_empire_map.gif|450px|right|The borders of the Sassanid Empire)]]
The '''Sassanid Empire''' (226-651 A.D.) was a [[monarchy]] in what is now [[Iran]].<ref>[ History of Iran: Sassanid Empire]</ref> It was the only nation to use [[Zoroastrianism]] as the state religion. Fought a number of wars with the [[Byzantine Empire]] due to their persecution of [[Christians]]. The empire was destroyed in 651 by the first of the [[Islamic Caliphates]]after a difficult war with the Byzantines had left them unable to affectively defend themselves.
===History===The Sassanid Empire was founded in 226 A.D. by [[Ardashir I]]. He considered himself to rule a re-emergence of the [[Persian empire]]. At the height of power, the empire extended to the borders shown in the image. The most famous ruler of the Sassanid Empire is [[Khosro I]].
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