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USA Today

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'''USA Today''' is the most -read daily [[newspaper ]] in the [[United States]], with which has a declining daily paid circulation of about 2,269,509, .6 million as of February, 20072018.<ref>Audit Bureau of Circulations: [ Top 200 Newspapers by Largest Reported Circulation]</ref> It is known mostly for its complete and detailed coverage of sports, but also features regional issues ignored by major city-based newspapers. Critics have called it "McPaper", having all the nutritional value of a meal at a fast food restaurant such as McDonald's.
It is owned by the [[leftist ]] media conglomerate Gannett Corporation, one of the most diverse sources of news, information and communications in the United States. A company rich in its diversity of people and communities, Gannett serves readers and viewers through its operations in 43 states and the District of Columbia[[Washington, D.C.]], [[Guam]], the [[United Kingdom]], [[Canada]], [[Belgium]], [[Germany]] and [[Hong Kong]]. Recognized as one One of the premier world's largest information companies, Gannett today employs approximately 52,500 full-time and part-time employees worldwide. Gannett and publishes 99 daily newspapers in the U.S., including USA TODAY, and 17 dailies in the United Kingdom. In addition, the company owns in excess of 800 non-daily publications around the world and USA WEEKEND, a weekly newspaper magazine. Gannett owns and operates 21 television stations in the [[United States]]. The company also has a national group of commercial printing facilities and subsidiaries involved in survey research, direct marketing and new media development.
USA TODAY was conceived in Cocoa Beach, [[Florida ]] under the code name "Project NN." After two years of research on what readers wanted, what advertisers needed and what technology permitted, on September 15, 1982, USA TODAY began publication to readers news about the USA in an entirely different way; regionalized content was sent to printing plants in the metro areas where Gannett owned newspapers, via satellite.
The newspaper quickly established itself, selling more than 1.3 million copies a day all across the nation by the end of 1983. Today its daily circulation is approximately 2.3 million, making it the largest-selling daily newspaper in the nation. In 2001, the company moved to a new Gannett/USA TODAY headquarters in McLean, [[Virginia]].<ref>Official site of [ Gannet Company, Inc.]</ref>
== Concept ==USA Today is particularly [[liberal]] on [[Title IX]] and the issue of women in sports.
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