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Carbon offset

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A '''carbon offsetCarbon offseting''' is a practice held to reduce the "polluting" effects practice of purchasing or building [[carbon sink]]s which match or exceed an individual or corporation's [[carbon dioxide]] emmissions. Carbon offset activities could include buying stocks in a "green" [[power]] company, using solar power, and the like. The goal is to keep an individual or corporation's net carbon emissionsat zero, with in order to stave off the supposed aim of reducing theoretical [[global warming|warming]] due to the [[greenhouse effect]].
Since Critics point out that, while carbon dioxide is not actually a pollutanthas the largest volume of controllable contributions to theorized atmospheric warming, carbon offsetting it has no beneficial the lowest effect on a per molecule basis of any of the environment[[greenhouse gas]]es. Its only actual use  It is important to make note that, while planting [[tree]]s is percieved to be a "green" activity, a simple balance over the life and death of the tree will show that this activity does not actually decrease carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. While carbon is consumed by the tree during growth, the exact same amount of carbon is produced during decomposition. The net carbon gain, therefore, is zero over the entire lifecycle of the tree. Some politicians and activists like , particularly environmental activists such as [[Al Gore]] look gooduse carbon offsetting as a status symbol within their community.
==See also==
*[[Carbon sequestration]] - the removal act of preventing [[carbon dioxide]] from a process to mix with the [[atmosphere]]
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